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Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve - 15/22mm

£15.28 £12.73
£15.28 £12.73
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Part Number: 22301

Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve - 15/22mm

The Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve equipped with a gauge allows you regulate your water system pressure and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical mounting. This versatile valve ensures precise control over water pressure, enhancing the efficiency and performance of your plumbing setup.

Supplied with a pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 10 bar (145 p.s.i.), providing accurate pressure readings for easy monitoring and adjustment. Pre-set at 3 bar from the factory, offering convenience and ease of use without the need for manual adjustment.

With a maximum inlet pressure of 16 bar, this valve can handle high-pressure conditions, ensuring durability and reliability. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 80°C, making it suitable for a wide range of hot water applications.

Allows for adjustable outlet pressure ranging from 1 to 6 bar, capable of controlling both static and dynamic pressures, providing precise control over water flow and pressure regulation. Comes with 22 mm compression connections and includes 22 x 15 mm reducing adaptors, ensuring compatibility with various pipe sizes and configurations.

Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, offering flexibility in installation options to suit your specific plumbing requirements. Features compression connection type, ensuring secure and leak-free connections for optimal performance.

The Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve also known as a pressure regulating valves, offers a comprehensive solution for controlling water pressure in your plumbing system. With its versatile installation options, comprehensive connections, integrated pressure gauge, factory pre-set functionality, high pressure tolerance, temperature resilience, and adjustable outlet pressure, this valve ensures efficient and reliable performance for various plumbing applications.

Compatible Pipe Fittings and alternative Options available.


  • Pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 10 bar (145 p.s.i)
  • Pre-set at 3 bar from the factory
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 16 bar
  • Maximum temperatures of 80°C
  • Adjustable outlet pressure from 1 to 6 bar
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Able to control both static and dynamic pressure
  • Includes 22 x 15 mm reducing adaptors
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Product Specification

Connection Compression
Inlet Pressure Max: 16 bar
Max. Temperature 80°C
Outlet Pressure 1 to 6 bar
Size 15/22 mm
Type Pressure Reducing Valve

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