Part Number: 7427

Built-in Gas Domestic Meter Housing Box

White glass fibre meter boxes with key. Built-in, with fitted 110 mm meter bracket.
Known as Mark 2 boxes.
The boxes are supplied with one P/N 0981 adaptor and rubber-type washer (plus security washer and bolt), giving one 22 mm capillary male connection. The other meter bracket slot will accept a meter union P/Ns 0981, 0982, 20353 or 0217 which this meter adaptor needs to be ordered separately, along with rubber-type washer and security washer and shear bolt.
The meter has to be purchased separately.-housing-box-for-p-ns-8293-and-18410-11
The hole in the brick work will need to be 540 mm high x 370 mm wide x 160 mm deep. 

Product Specification

Colour White
Contents Adaptor, Rubber Washer. Plus Security Washer & Bolt
Dimensions 595 Mm X 410 Mm X 210 Mm
Meter Size G4/G6
Suitable Application To House G4/G6 Gas Meter
Type Meter Box

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Built-in Gas Domestic Meter Housing Box

£55.60 £46.33
£55.60 £46.33
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