Expansion Vessel - 8 Litres

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Expansion Vessel - 8 Litres

Sealed systems are the most commonly used form of central heating in Europe. Easy to install and alleviate the need to fit feed and expansion tanks in a central heating system. Air and water are separated by a flexible diaphragm. When the system is cold the expansion vessel is nearly full of air or nitrogen, when hot, the water expelled from the system by expansion enters the vessel and compresses the air or nitrogen.
Kit contents : 8 Litre expansion vessel, wall mounting bracket, 4 way manifold with 3/4" washer, 3 bar safety relief valve, 0 to 4 bar pressure gauge and filling loop with isolating valves, one with double check valve assembly. Expansion vessel, max temp. : 100°C, pre-charge pressure : 1.5 bar, max. pressure : 5 bar.

Product Specification

Capacity 8 Litres
Expansion Vessel Expansion Vessel
Kit Contents Expansion Vessel, Wall Mounting Bracket, 4 Way Manifold With 3/4" Washer, 3 Bar Safety Relief Valve, 0 To 4 Bar Pressure Gauge And Filling Loop With Isolating Valves, One With Double Check Valve Assembly.
Max. Operating Pressure 5 Bar
Max. Temperature 100°C
Suitable Application Sealed Heating System
Type Vessel Kit

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