Part Number: 8779

Low Pressure Cut-off Valve with UPSO 2" x 2" BSP

Safety valve which cuts off the gas following a loss of inlet pressure. The valve may be manually reset. The valve should be reset after inlet pressure has been restored and any taps and/or valves have been checked closed. It is in theory possible to re-pressurise the system if there is an escape path smaller than the 1 mm bypass valve. The valve shuts at the preset value of 15 mbar (6" wg). The valve must be mounted upright in horizontal pipework.

Cut-off pressure: 15 mbar (6" wg).

Threads: BSP female to BS 21 (ISO 7-1).

For Natural Gas.

Product Specification

Connection 2" BSP F
Inlet Pressure Max: 100 Mbar
Operating Temperature -20° C To 70° C
Outlet Pressure 15 Mbar
Pattern Straight
Size 2"
Suitable Application Safety Valve To Shut Off Gas Following Loss Of Inlet Pressure
Type Safety Valve

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Low Pressure Cut-off Valve with UPSO 2" x 2" BSP

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£462.85 £385.71
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