Mear Packaged Air Conditioning Calculator

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Mear Packaged Air Conditioning Calculator

The calculator is approved by the Air Conditioning Advisory Bureau. It has been specially produced to facilitate the design procedure for packaged systems developed by the Electricity Council and detailed in their guide for climatic and sunshine conditions in the UK. It uses a logical step by step method, easily followed, each part of the complex calculation being simplified and handled by a separate segment of the calculator. Solar heat gains and transmission heat gains, heat gain from air, and internal heat gains, are calculated to give the size of unit required. In addition the air condition of the air entering the evaporator may be determined. It will also perform all the usual calculations for estimating the winter heat loss, including both losses through the structure and air change.
Size: 8.3/4" diameter complete with instruction booklet and work sheets.
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Product Specification

Application The Calculator Is Approved By The Air Conditioning Advisory Bureau. It Has Been Specially Produced To Facilitate The Design Procedure For Packaged Systems Developed By The Electricity Council And Detailed In Their Guide For Climatic And Sunshine Conditions In The UK. It Uses A Logical Step By Step Method, Easily Followed, Each Part Of The Complex Calculation Being Simplified And Handled By A Separate Segment Of The Calculator. Solar Heat Gains And Transmission Heat Gains, Heat Gain From Air, And Internal Heat Gains, Are Calculated To Give The Size Of Unit Required. In Addition The Air Condition Of The Air Entering The Evaporator May Be Determined. It Will Also Perform All The Usual Calculations For Estimating The Winter Heat Loss, Including Both Losses Through The Structure And Air Change.
Brand Mear
Colour White/Clear
Dimensions 8.3/4" X 3 Mm X 1.5 Mm
Material Acrylic
Sub Brand Mears Calculators
Type Air Conditioning

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