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BES stocks a wide range of LPG regulators for low and high-pressure applications, LPG regulator and hose kits, caravan regulators, motor homes regulators and regulators suited for boats.

Our low-pressure regulators are single or second stage regulators, with our high-pressure regulators being either single or first stage.

With a range of top-quality regulators on offer, and free shipping on qualifying orders, shop for a great deal on LPG, propane, and butane regulators at BES.

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What is a regulator?

Also known as gas or pressure regulators, regulators are not flow control devices, but they can be used to control the delivery pressure. A regulator connects to the gas bottle outlet valve and reduces the gas pressure to a usable level as it passes from the cylinder to a piece of equipment.

A comprehensive range of regulators

A one-stop shop for regulators, BES will help you find the right regulator for your equipment. We have a wide range of regulators on offer, including:

Single stage high-pressure regulators

A single stage regulator reduces the cylinder pressure down to an adjustable pressure output. Our single stage high-pressure regulators are propane gas regulators with an operating pressure of 0.35 to 4 bar and a capacity of 2 to 8kg.

First stage high-pressure regulators

First stage high-pressure propane regulators from Clesse are available with or without gauges. Our LPG high-pressure regulators have either a fixed operating pressure of 0.75 bar or an adjustable operating pressure of anywhere between 0 and 3 bar.

Single stage low-pressure regulators

Ideal for applications with minimal inlet pressure variations while in use, our range of single stage low-pressure regulators is suitable for use with gas heaters, gas BBQs, patio heaters or camping stoves.

Second stage low-pressure regulators

Second stage regulators are installed after the first stage regulator, and they further decrease the pressure, ensuring the propane will safely supply the demand of the appliance.

Changeover regulators

Our range of changeover regulators includes automatic changeover regulators for caravans. Suitable for propane, butane and LPG mix, these changeover regulators ensure pressure reduction and continuous gas supply to the installation.

Caravan and Motorhome Regulators

Suitable for use with either propane or butane gas, our caravan and motorhome regulators come with an angled or straight fitting.

Full range of LPG, propane, butane and Campingaz products

From cooker hoses to alarms and meter boxes, view our full range of LPG, propane, butane and Campingaz products here.

If you’re shopping for caravan, boating or BBQ fittings, you are guaranteed to get what you need. BES stocks over 15,000 products at any one time.

Get your testing equipment in a hurry!

When you see the product you need, you can check if it is available for next day delivery under the Add To Basket button. You may also avail of free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders.

If you need help finding regulators, give our team a call on 0800 801090.

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Caravan Low Pressure Regulator - Straight Part Number: 20567
£19.69 £16.41
Clesse Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 30 kg/hr Part Number: 21477
£149.81 £124.84
Clesse Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 40 kg/hr Part Number: 17952
£279.20 £232.67
Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 1.5 kg/hr Part Number: 15163
£4.44 £3.70
Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 4 kg/hr Part Number: 22987
£51.43 £42.86
Propane High Pressure Regulator - 8 kg/hr Part Number: 8811
£13.48 £11.23
Clesse Propane Low Pressure Regulator - 60 kg/hr Part Number: 24254
£361.81 £301.51
Superior LPG Propane Kit with Gauge 2m Hose Part Number: 23562
£14.22 £11.85

Items 1-15 of 59

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