Oil Extraction Vacuum Pump - 6 Litres

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£92.53 £77.11
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Part Number: 20787

Oil Extraction Vacuum Pump - 6 Litres

The oil extraction vacuum pump is ideal to empty drip trays,
tank cabinets, bunds or to suck up fuel spills, water or oil.
Can be stored at the fill point/tank or in the fill point cabinet.
To use prime the handle and suck up the fluid automatically.
When full, remove the top plug to pour out the contents.

Product Specification

Capacity 6 Litres
Suitable Application The Oil Extraction Vacuum Pump Is Ideal To Empty Drip Trays, Tank Cabinets, Bunds Or To Suck Up Fuel Spills, Water Or Oil. Can Be Stored At The Fill Point/tank Or In The Fill Point Cabinet. To Use Prime The Handle And Suck Up The Fluid Automatically. When Full, Remove The Top Plug To Pour Out The Contents.
Type Vacuum Pump

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