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BES stocks a wide range of dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass fittings specially designed for use in applications that deliver water for human consumption; this includes commercial and residential construction.

With a wide range of high-quality DZR fittings and free shipping on qualifying orders, shop for a great deal on DZR parts at BES.

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A comprehensive range of DZR brass pipe fittings

We are often asked what does DZR mean in plumbing or what is DZR brass needed for. Brass is made by combining zinc and copper. With zinc being vulnerable to corrosion but strong, and copper being malleable but easily damaged, by combining them in a specific way, we get the best of both; DZR brass. DZR brass fittings are strong and resistant to dezincification corrosion, perfect for plumbing installations.

BES will help you find the right DZR pipe fittings for the job at hand. We have a wide range of DZR, including:

DZR Elbows

A one-stop shop for DZR compression elbows, our collection includes 15 different sizes ranging from 8” to 54”.

DZR Reducing Sets

Our range of DZR reducing sets include sets of various sizes such as 15 x 10 mm, 15 x 12 mm, 22 x 15 mm, 28 x 22mm, 35 x 28 mm and 54 x 42mm.

DZR Stop Ends

Our collection of DZR stop ends includes stop ends of various sizes, ranging between 8 mm and 54 mm.

DZR Straight Adapters

Our range of DZR compression straight adaptors come in over ten different sizes, ranging from 8 mm x ¼” to 54mm x 2”.

DZR Couplers

BES’ range of DZR couplers includes DZR compression reducing couplers and DZR compression straight couplers of sizes varying from 8 x 8 mm to 54 x 54 mm.

DZR Tank Connectors

The DZR tank connector range in stock includes tank connectors of 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm and 54mm.

DZR Tap Connectors

Our DZR tap connectors range includes DZR straight and bent tap connectors.

DZR Compression Tees

Our range of DZR compression tees includes equal tees, reducing tees and copper to BSP F branch tees.

Helping you get the job done with DZR fittings

BES stocks a comprehensive range of top quality DZR fittings to ensure the pipework will perform to the highest standard.

If you’re shopping for compression fittings and aren’t sure if what you need is DZR, check out our entire selection of compression fittings, to find UK, brass, chrome, imperial, metric, Irish, lead and steel pipe fittings.

Get your DZR brass fittings in a hurry!

When you see the product you need, you’ll be able to check if it is available for next day delivery under the Add To Basket button. You may also avail of free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders.

If you need help finding a specific DZR part, or any pipe, tube or fitting for that matter, give BES a call on 0800 801090, and we will help you find it or source a suitable alternative.

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DZR Compression Elbow - 15mm Part Number: 9084
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DZR Compression Elbow - 22mm Part Number: 9085
£6.37 £5.31
DZR Compression Straight Coupler - 15mm Part Number: 9063
£3.04 £2.53

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