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End Feed/Capillary

End Feed/Capillary

BES stocks a large selection of copper and brass end feed capillary fittings for joining copper tubing in all domestic and commercial pipework systems.

Whether you’re looking for elbow fittings, tee joints, reducers, or stop ends, BES will have the end feed capillary you need. Shop now for next day delivery on top quality plumbing end feed fittings.

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Every type of end feed/capillary for the job

End feed fittings, also known as capillary fittings, come in a huge range of sizes and types to ensure smooth plumbing connections and give the installer confidence that the pipework system will perform as intended.

Here at BES, we stock all the end feed/capillary fittings you could need, including:

  • Elbows, including 45° elbows and backplate elbows
  • Adaptors
  • Fitting reducers
  • Manifold
  • Stop end
  • Reducing coupling
  • Tee joints
  • Tank & tap connectors
  • Straight coupling

Our end feed/capillary fittings come in a range of sizes too, from 6 mm to 108 mm. You can use the filter menu on the side of the page to help find end feed fittings in your preferred size, especially if you’re looking at a specific type.

The right end feed fittings for the job

Whether you need a specific adaptor or elbow or simply want to know if a part is suitable for the job, every end feed fitting in stock has exact product specifications on its page.

Aside from our range of end feed capillary fittings and our pipe fittings ranges, we also stock a host of other ancillary products such as sealants and tools.

How to use end feed fittings?

End feed fittings are simply copper or brass fittings that come in different shapes and sizes that are used to join copper pipework.

We are often asked how to use an end fitting. Simply clean the copper pipe and the end feed fitting, apply flux and a hit source, then add solder around the joint and allow the joint to cool before touching it or moving it.

Fittings delivered to your door in no time

With free delivery on qualifying orders and speedy delivery on end feed/capillary fittings, BES aims to help you source and find everything you need as quickly as possible.

BES is the one-stop shop for all pipes, tubes and fittings. Shop our range of pipe and tubing, clips and brackets, pipe insulation, pipe tools and trunking & cover too before heading to the checkout.

If you need parts in a hurry and need some help to find them, contact BES right now by calling us on 0800801090.

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End Feed Fittings Pack - 200 Piece Part Number: 12248
£55.44 £46.20
End Feed Elbow 90° - 28mm F x F Part Number: 6800
£1.58 £1.32
End Feed Elbow 90° - 35mm F x F Part Number: 9181
£3.86 £3.22
End Feed Reducing Tee - 22mm x 15mm x 22mm Part Number: 6815
£2.71 £2.26
End Feed Street Elbow 90° Long Tail - 15mm Part Number: 22986
£0.42 £0.35
End Feed Street Elbow 90° Long Tail - 22mm Part Number: 23375
£2.57 £2.14
End Feed Obtuse Elbow 45° - 22mm F x F Part Number: 7985
£1.09 £0.91
End Feed Obtuse Elbow 45° - 28mm F x F Part Number: 7986
£2.16 £1.80
End Feed Elbow 90° - 42mm F x F Part Number: 9182
£5.92 £4.93
End Feed Street Elbow 90° - 28mm Part Number: 6803
£3.13 £2.61
End Feed Elbow 90° - 54mm F x F Part Number: 9183
£9.17 £7.64

Items 1-30 of 364

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