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If you have a job that requires a specific screwed fitting, you're pretty much guaranteed we'll have it here at BES. Our range of screwed fittings consists of steel fittings and BSP fittings, such as unions, hexagon nipples, screwed hose tail adapters, sockets, bushes, tees, elbows and much more.

Shop for the parts you need and see if your order qualifies for free delivery. With over 15,000 products in stock right now, you can rest assured that any screwed fittings you need can make their way to you in no time at all. It’s what makes shopping with BES convenient and simple.

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All the screwed fittings you'll ever need

BES has all the steel fittings you need, from screwed stainless steel elbows to hose tail adaptors. Some of the most popular product types within this range would include:

Elbows and Elbows 45°

Suitable for natural gas, LPG, hot and cold water and other applications, we have every stainless steel elbow you might need. Our elbow sizes range varies from 1/8” to 4”.

Reducing Sockets

Screwed stainless steel reducing sockets are available in sizes ranging from 1/4” to 4”. Each reducing socket product page will list the full characteristics, features & specifications. Our stainless steel reducing sockets are suitable for natural gas, LPG, and hot & cold water systems. 

Cone Seat Unions

Unions are some of our most popular BSP pipe fittings. Our screwed stainless steel cone seat unions range from 1/8” to 4” and are suitable for natural gas, LPG, hot & cold water systems and other applications.

Equal Hexagon Nipples & Reducing Hexagon Nipples

Hexagon nipples are short pipes that help connect two pipes or fittings. The size of these stainless steel hexagon nipples depends on the application it is being used for. Check out each hexagon nipple’s specifications on the product page.

Hose Tail Adaptors

Our stainless steel hose tail adaptors can be used to connect a hose to a threaded pipe, providing a high-quality, reliable join. Sizes range from 1/4” to 4”.

Hexagon Bushes

The hexagon bush collection includes stainless steel reducing bush suitable for various applications. Sizes range from 1/4” to 4”.

Stainless Steel Tees

One of the most commonly used pipe fittings, stainless steel tees are used to adjust the flow rate and change direction. Our steel tees come in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 4”.

The right steel fittings for your needs

Making BES your one-stop shop for all your steel pipe fittings needs is a no brainer. Our range includes all the essentials possibly needed as well as specialised fittings.

View our full range of steel fittings here, with next-day delivery on a host of screwed, flexible, compression, tube or press-fit stainless steel fittings.

Quick delivery on new screwed steel fittings

Found the fittings you need? You'll notice that each product page has a clock letting you know how much time is left for next working day's Mainland UK delivery.

If you're ordering from somewhere else, we suggest looking at relevant information in our delivery information section here.

If you have any questions about the screwed BSP fittings we currently have available or need help sourcing a specific fitting, give us a call today on 0800801090.

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Screwed Stainless Steel Full Socket - 2" BSP Part Number: 14354
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