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Universal Compression
Universal Compression

Universal Compression

BES stocks all the parts you need for waste water systems. Our waste water compression fittings range can see you getting top deals on valves, knuckle bends, reducers, etc.

Whether it is something simple to slot in the bathroom or shower to help avoid any leaks, or you’re getting a new system installed and want everything working perfectly from day one, get a better deal on waste fittings when you shop at BES.

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Making it easy to say bye-bye to waste water

Dependable fittings are essential when you want to remove waste safely and securely from your home or any building that needs it. At BES, we take a no-fuss approach to our range of waste pipe fittings, with great deals on essentials and top-quality products from brands such as McAlpine & Rothenberger.

Helping you get fittings in the right material

Mismatched installations can lead to perfect jobs looking like they are poorly done. We stock compression waste fittings in different materials, including:

  • ABS Plastic
  • Plastic
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC

Are universal fittings suitable as waste fittings?

Yes. The terms can sometimes be used interchangeably, and you will notice that many of the products in this section are listed as waste pipe compression fittings. A good rule of thumb is that plastic style fittings are typically reserved for waste systems, while copper and metal are used in compression and gas systems. Those looking to improve or install systems that handle waste water may also be interested in our waste water pumps and outlets & accessories.

Knowing what type of waste fitting you need

Doing some DIY work at home and not entirely sure which type of compression fitting will work. There are generally two types of compression fittings you can use. The first is Type-A (non-manipulative), where you’ll not need to make any changes to piping and simply need to have the right size compression fitting to slot in. That accounts for most of this range.

The second is Type B (manipulative), where your fitting will need expanded or reduced (referred to as flaring and belling in the industry) to help make things fit. Type B is best left to professionals, especially when working on the likes of gas systems. As a reminder, our selection of gas system products has everything you’ll ever need. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to be left confused knowing how to cut plastic pipes to fit. Cheap pipe cutters will help with that.

Helping you with challenging installations

If you’re buying universal fittings but find that you’re working with awkward angles and bends, you may want to consider some of our flexible pipe (for waste systems) or MDPE pipe (for things like mains installation).

Speedy delivery on new universal waste fittings

With free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders, BES makes it easier to get compression fittings delivered in a hurry. If you need help finding anything from universal pipe connectors to 45mm waste pipe, just call BES today on 08000 801090.

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Handi-vent 4 Air Admittance Valve - 82/110mm Part Number: 22371
£18.43 £15.36
Out of stock
Universal Knuckle Bend - 90° x 40mm White Part Number: 11138
£4.27 £3.56
Universal Knuckle Bend - 90° x 32mm White Part Number: 11137
£4.12 £3.43
Universal Reducer White - 40mm x 32mm White Part Number: 11149
£4.62 £3.85
Universal Equal Tee - 91.1/4° x 40mm White Part Number: 11144
£6.23 £5.19
HypAirBalance Air Admittance Valve - 70/110mm Part Number: 25138
£32.96 £27.47
Universal Straight Connector - 40mm White Part Number: 11136
£4.18 £3.48
Universal Straight Connector - 32mm White Part Number: 11135
£4.12 £3.43
McAlpine Knuckle Bend 90° - 1.1/2" White Part Number: 24747
£5.23 £4.36
McAlpine Knuckle Bend 90° - 1.1/4" White Part Number: 24746
£4.96 £4.13
FlexiFlo Straight Coupling, Waste - 38 to 45mm Part Number: 22983
£16.94 £14.12
McAlpine Straight Coupling - 1.1/2" Part Number: 24745
£4.99 £4.16

Items 1-15 of 40

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