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Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower Waste Traps
Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower Waste Traps

Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower Waste Traps

At BES, we’ve put together a truly comprehensive selection of kitchen, bathroom and shower waste traps. From P, S and bottle traps to waste valves, adaptors and connectors, we offer an extensive range of high-quality products to ensure efficient drainage and plumbing solutions.

Get a great deal on sink traps for all your kitchen and bathroom needs when shopping with us. We offer free delivery on qualifying orders along with the reassurance of our hassle-free returns policy for added peace of mind.

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Explore Our Range of Waste Traps

Whether upgrading your kitchen sink or renovating your bathroom, our range of waste traps caters to all applications. Choose from trusted brands like McAlpine, HepVO, Polypipe, Wirquin, Viva, and more, ensuring reliability and durability with every installation.

Anti-Siphon Waste P and Bottle Traps

Ensuring proper drainage and preventing siphoning couldn’t be easier with our anti-siphon waste P and bottle trap selection. From adjustable telescopic designs to resealing bottle traps, find the perfect solution for your plumbing needs.

Bottle Traps

Optimise space and maintain efficient drainage with our range of bottle traps. Featuring adjustable telescopic inlets and various seal sizes, these traps offer flexibility and ease of installation for kitchen and bathroom sinks. Available in Chrome Plated Brass or Polypropylene options.

P Traps

Achieve efficient wastewater removal with our range of P traps. From swivel traps to adjustable telescopic inlets, these traps provide a reliable solution for preventing foul odours and blockages in your plumbing system.

Running Traps

Keep your plumbing system running smoothly with our selection of running traps. Designed for waste disposal from sinks and basins, these traps feature different seal sizes to accommodate various applications.

S Traps

Ensure proper drainage and prevent backflow with our range of S traps. Available in different sizes and seal configurations, these traps offer reliable performance for kitchen and bathroom installations.

Straight Through Traps

Simplify wastewater removal with our straight-through traps. Featuring cleaning eyes for easy maintenance, these traps are ideal for kitchen sinks, basins, and other plumbing fixtures.

Waste Traps

Ensure efficient waste disposal in your plumbing system with our selection of waste traps. Our selection includes a variety of Neo Air, Neo Basin and Nano 6.7 Quick Clac waste traps in 1.1/2”/40mm and 1.1/4”/32mm sizes.

Bath Traps

Ensure effective drainage in your bathtub with our range of bath traps. Choose from options like the McAlpine Bath Trap to maintain optimal plumbing performance and prevent water leaks.

Bath Waste Traps

Enhance the functionality of your bathtub with our bath waste traps. Our range includes bath waste trap options such as low-level with overflow access, shallow seal with cleaning eye and low-level deep seal overflow access.

Basin Waste Traps

Upgrade your basin drainage system with our selection of basin waste traps. From Neo Air Basin Waste Traps to Nano 6.7 Quick Clac Basin Waste Traps, we offer solutions to ensure efficient water flow and prevent blockages.

Shower Traps

Looking for a reliable shower trap? We recommend the Easy Cleaning Shower Waste trap with a removable cover for easy cleaning.

Flexible Waste Connectors

Optimise your plumbing setup with our range of flexible waste connectors. Featuring options from Magicflex and HepFlex™, these connectors ensure secure and leak-free connections for your waste pipes.

Flexible Waste Pipes

Ensure easy installation and flexibility in your plumbing system with our range of flexible waste pipes. Our range's most popular flexible waste pipe comes from HepFlex as a 3mx32mm option.

HepvO® Valves & Adaptors

Experience innovative waste valve solutions with our HepvO® valves and adaptors. Designed for self-sealing and easy installation, these products offer a reliable alternative to traditional traps.

Shower Waste Traps, Adapters & Bends

Maintain efficient drainage in your shower with our waste traps, adapters, and bends selection. From McAlpine slim shower waste traps to easy cleaning shower waste options, we offer a variety of solutions for your shower plumbing needs.

Trap Connectors

Facilitate seamless connections between waste pipes with our trap connectors. Whether you need to adapt from 1.1/4" to 1.1/2" or vice versa, our connectors ensure compatibility and reliable performance.

Waste Valves

Ensure proper waste disposal and prevent odours with our range of waste valves. From McAlpine self-sealing waste valves to hand wash basin self-sealing waste valves, we offer solutions for various applications.

Waste Trap Washers

Seal waste pipe outlets effectively with our range of waste trap washers. Featuring tapered designs for 1.1/4" and 1.1/2" outlets, these washers ensure a tight and leak-free seal in your plumbing system.

Black Washers

Seal waste pipe inlets securely with our range of black washers. The Trap waste inlet sealing washer 1.1/4”/32mm is the most popular washer in the range.

Why Choose BES

At BES, we understand the importance of reliable plumbing solutions for your kitchen and bathroom, so we have curated a wide range of waste water supplies. With over 45 years of industry experience, we provide a wide selection of waste traps from leading brands, ensuring quality and durability with every purchase.

Shop with confidence knowing that our waste traps are designed to meet industry standards for performance and reliability. Plus, with efficient delivery options and exceptional customer service, we make it easy to find the right products for your plumbing needs.

Shop Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower Waste Traps Today

We’re confident our range of waste traps will have the perfect solution for your kitchen, shower and bathroom plumbing needs. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional plumber, BES has everything you need to complete the job at hand.

Need assistance or have questions about our products? Contact us at 0800 801090 – our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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