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Solar System Components


Solar-Trac Insulated Flexible Pipe

>OMEGAFLEX® Solar-Trac flexible insulated stainless steel tubing for residential and commercial solar heated domestic hot water systems. Solar-Trac is made from 316 L corrugated stainless steel.

Maximum temperature : 150°C
Maximum pressure : 8.6 bar
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19854 1⁄2" i.d. x 30 metres £340.80
 19855 3⁄4" i.d. x 30 metres £447.84
 19856 1" i.d. x 30 metres £565.92

Solar-Flare™ Brass Fittings

>End connections : BSP T Male x SolarTrac (Autoflare) connection.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19857 1/2" BSP TM x 1/2" Adaptor £8.26
 19858 3/4" BSP TM x 3/4" Adaptor £11.61
 19859 1" BSP TM x 1" Adaptor £18.99

Solar-Flare™ Brass Couplings

>SolarTrac (Autoflare) connection at both ends.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19860 1/2" Straight coupling £17.40
 19861 3/4" Straight coupling £23.21
 19862 1" Straight coupling £31.95


DAB VSA 55/130 circulating 5.5 metre head pump is designed for solar panel heating systems. Leak proof wet rotor circulator and three speed adjustable motor.

Maximum head : 5.5 m
Maximum pressure : 10 bar
Maximum glycol
concentration : 60%
Liquid temperature
range : -10 to 110°C
Installation : with motor shaft horizontal
Protection rating : IP 44
Insulation class : F
Power supply : single-phase 230 V 50 Hz

19826a Speed RPM Watts Input Amps
1 1330 45 W 0.20 A
2 1815 64 W 0.29 A
3 2330 82 W 0.36 A
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19826 DAB VSA 55/130 solar heating pump £89.60

EVOTRON Solar Heating Circulator

>High efficiency ErP 2015 compliant, cast iron body with thermal insulation jacket, glandless electronic solar heating fluid circulator. Features syncronous motor with frequency converter, three function control modes of operation - constant speed, pressure or proportional pressure and easy to read display. Install with motor shaft horizontal.

Max. flow rate : 2.5 m3/h.
Max. head : 4 m.
Liquid temperature range : -10 to 110°C.
Max. glycol concentration : 60%.
Max. working pressure : 10 bar.
Connections : 11⁄2" BSP.
Port to port : 130 mm.
Power supply : 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
Input power : 5 W to 27 W.
Protection rating : IP44.
Insulation class : F.
Weight : 2.98 kg.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20970 EVOTRON 40/130 SOL,Circulator £129.98


Air Source Heat Pump Floor Mountings and AV Slabs

>1200 mm x 600 mm x 75 mm lightweight slab, integrated anti-vibration feet, complete with fixing kit.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20589 Heat pump floor mounting and AV slab £101.97

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20590 Flexi foot mounting, black, 250 mm £9.98
 20591 Flexi foot mounting, black, 400 mm £14.31
 20592 Flexi foot mounting, black, 600 mm £16.97

Air Source Heat Pump Wall Mounting Brackets

Part No.UprightSupport ArmCrossbar LengthMax. Weight Unit PriceQty
400 mm
400 mm
720 mm
60 kg
500 mm
500 mm
900 mm
90 kg
550 mm
540 mm
1100 mm
140 kg
550 mm
700 mm
1100 mm
250 kg

Air Source Heat Pump Wall Mounting Brackets

Part No.UprightSupport ArmCrossbar LengthMax. Weight Unit PriceQty
550 mm
800 mm
250 kg
550 mm
1000 mm
250 kg


SOLAR PIPE versatile pre-painted (mid grey) lead or aluminium flashing for slate and tiled roofs with flexible silicone black rubber cone suitable for pipe diameters of 5 - 50 mm. Cone has additional cable entry point for temperature sensor wiring.

Silicone temperature range : -60 to 240°C.

19946: 490mm x 410mm.
20202, 19948, 19947: 600mm x 450mm
Silicone rubber cones: H 70 x dia. 90 mm

Lead Base Flashing

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19946 Lead base flashing, twin pack £70.03

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20202 Lead base flashing, 2 entry points £51.69

Aluminium Base Flashing

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19948 Aluminium base flashing, 1 entry point £22.24

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19947 Aluminium base flashing, 2 entry points £33.02


Solar Heat Transfer Fluid

>CURA solar heat transfer fluid is ready to use without the need to dilute, designed for use with hot plate and vacuum tube solar heating systems offering frost protection to -28°C.
Based on 1,2-propylene glycol and purified water mixture containing a leak tracer fluorescent dye and a combination of reversibly evaporative and high temperature stable multi-metal corrosion inhibitors for protection in both liquid and gaseous phases.
Suitable for sustained temperatures not exceeding 170°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20930 CURA heat transfer fluid, 5 litres £13.50

R100 Solar Thermal Fluid, 10 litre

>A stable, non-toxic, chemically and thermally stable, heat transfer fluid.
Frost protection down to -25°C. Biodegradable with buffered pH. Used without dilution.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20347 R100 Solar Thermal Fluid 10L £45.87

R200 Solar System Cleaner, 10 litre

>Removes blockages, sludge, and deposits. Non-foaming, non-toxic and biodegradable. Used without dilution.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20348 R200 Solar Thermal Fluid 10L £42.40


>FERNOX Solar S1 has been formulated for use as a heat transfer fluid within solar thermal heating systems at elevated temperatures. Containing corrosion inhibitors that will protect the installation when heat transfer fluid is in either a gaseous or liquid state at temperatures in excess of 180°C. Frost protection to -28°C. Compatible with all makes and models of solar panels.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19863 Protector solar S1, 10 litre £32.15

Solar Cleaner

>CURA solar cleaner is ready to use in a flushing machine, without dilution, to remove degraded solar fluid, sludge and deposits within a solar heating system. Solar system should be flushed with demineralised water after cleaning.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22112 CURA, 5 litre £17.91

Demineralised Water

>CURA demineralised water is a pure water free of dissolved minerals, salts and ions for rinsing a solar heating system after cleaning.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22113 CURA, 5 litre £4.41


Sentinel SolarCheck Test Kit

>Check and monitor the efficiency of any solar collector circuit. The Sentinel SolarCheck test kit is supplied in a compact, durable plastic case which contains a compass, radiator key, pH papers, refractometer, mini infra-red thermometer, sample bottle, plastic dropper, and instructions on CD.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20349 Sentinel SolarCheck Test Kit £267.38

Solar Engineer’s Test Equipment

>The ‘INTA ECO’ test kit provides a range of instruments for site surveys, new system commissioning and system fluid maintenance checks.

digital thermometer with 2 clamp-on sensing probes,battery operated (supplied),
digital pH meter,scale 9 - 14 pH, battery operated (supplied),
oil medium compass with inclinometer and sighting viewer, pouch included,
pressure gauge for testing expansion vessel charge pressure 0 - 4.5 bar,
litmus test kit,
jeweller’s screwdriver and cleaning cloth,
buffer solution liquid for calibrating the pH meter.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20248 Solar engineer’s test kit £367.73


>Solar high temperature, lightweight insulation remaining flexible up to 150°C and down to -200°C. UV-resistant and can be installed outside without additional protection. Flame spread resistant to BS 476 Part 7:1997. Thermal conductivity to BS 874 Part 2:1986. Built-in vapour barrier prevents condensation. Dust, fibre and CFC free with an ODP zero.

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20220 3 mm x 50 mm x 15 m, high temperature tape £19.99


Solar-fermit Paste

>Solar-fermit is a jointing paste that has been specifically developed for use with hemp in solar water heating systems.
The paste is easily worked and does not dry out in use. Not for use on Gas or Water installations.
Max. operating temp. : 160°C.
Max. operating pressure : 15 bar.
Storage temp. range : -5 to 35°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20956 Solar-fermit Paste, 250 g £14.40

Solar PTFE String

>This PTFE thread dynamically adjusts to create the exact thickness to seal pipe thread joints correctly.
Dispenser features a 360° cutter.
Operating temp. range : -200 to 240°C.
WRAS approved for hot and cold water.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20957 Solar PTFE string £14.40

Solar Flax

>Solar flax is hemp for use with solar-fermit paste to improve stability of a threaded joint under pressure.
Supplied in a clear tube dispenser.
Max. operating temperature : 140°C
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20958 Solar flax, 80 g £2.33


Annular pipe uses a corrugated design and its flexibility and pre-insulated finish reduces installation time. The pipe packs are designed specifically for solar systems.

Twin Way Solar Pipe Pack and 4 Core Cable, DN 16 Pipe with 14 mm Wall Thickness Insulation

>The twin pre-insulated stainless steel pipe also has an integral temperature sensor cable in four core heavy duty format.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19966 10 m x 22 mm o.d. £182.53
 19967 15 m x 22 mm o.d. £273.78
 19968 20 m x 22 mm o.d. £364.72
 19969 25 m x 22 mm o.d. £454.68

SOLARQUIP Twin Solar Hose

>DN16 stainless steel 316L hose with high temperature resistant EPDM insulation, two core sensor cable and UV resistant PE protective cover..

Max. working pressure : 13 bar.
Working temp. range : -50 to 150°C.
Weight per m : 770 g.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21102 10 m Solarquip, DN16 £153.60
 21103 15 m Solarquip, DN16 £223.84
 21104 20 m Solarquip, DN16 £294.08
 21105 25 m Solarquip, DN16 £364.32

SOLARQUIP Slide Hammer and Vice

>The Solar Hammer Tool, also known as a flanging tool, is used to flatten the end of the stainless steel DN16 (and DN12) solar hose when held in the vice supplied. Material: carbon steel, nickel plated.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21106 Solarquip slide hammer and vice £90.91

Solar Pipe Fitting

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19970 3⁄4" female brass nut for DN 16 pipe fitting £1.26

Brass Pipe Coupling

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19971 3⁄4" coupling -flat face ends for DN 16 pipe £2.23

Brass Tee Pipe Coupling

>Brass tee with flat face ends for use with washer, 'C' clip and nut on DN16 annular pipe in solar systems.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20952 3⁄4" tee for DN16 pipe £9.43

Brass Compression Fittings

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19972 15 mm coupling to male 3⁄4" for DN 16 pipe £3.96
 19973 22 mm coupling to male 3/4" for DN 16 pipe £4.41

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19974 22 mm elbow to male 3⁄4" for DN 16 pipe £11.90

Brass Spigot Connector

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19975 22 mm spigot connector x 3⁄4" male for DN 16 pipe £2.77

Pump Station Fitting


‘C’ Clips

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19976 ‘C’ clips, bag of 20 £9.34

Fibre Gasket

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19978 Fibre HT gasket/seal for 3⁄4" DN 16 fittings, bag of 10 £2.14

Solar Pipe Flanging Tool

>This pipe clamp and ratcheted flange forming tool does not rely on the ‘hammering’ method to form the flange. A machined flat faced bit forms a smooth surface flange.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19981 Inox flanging tool, suitable for DN16 and DN12 pipe £124.98


Designed for stainless steel flexible pipe of the corrugated (annular pattern) type.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20057 DN16 comp. x 1⁄2" BSP M connector £6.76
 20058 DN16 comp. x 3⁄4" BSP M connector £7.10

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20059 DN16 comp. x 1⁄2" BSP F connector £6.54
 20060 DN16 comp. x 3⁄4" BSP F connector £6.72

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20061 DN16 comp. x 15 mm comp. coupling £7.91
 20062 DN16 comp. x 22 mm comp. coupling £8.65

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20063 DN16 comp. coupling £8.98

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20064 DN16 comp. olives, pack of 10 £11.12

Smart Sol Nano Advance

The Smart Sol Nano Advance differential temperature electronic controller is used for the control of a solar thermal system with or without boiler/electric heater back-up. Features a robust wall mounted housing, permanently backlit monochrome graphic display, rotary encoder and ESC push button control.
Supplied with 1 collector sensor PT1000 (colour grey, silicon, operating temp. range : -40 to 180°C) and 2 tank sensors PT1000 (colour black, PVC, operating temp. range : -5 to 90°C).
Ambient conditions : 0 to 40°C, non-condensation.
Protection rating : IP20.
Weight :
320 g.
Dimensions : H 150 x W 103 x D 45 mm.
Sensor lead length : 2.5 m.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21819 Smart Sol Nano Advance £99.65

Circulation Units

>Solar circulation unit with UPM3 15-75 pump (with PWM control), filling group,
flow meter, check and isolation valves, system pressure and return temperature gauges.
Twin line unit as above, but with de-aeration device and flow temperature gauge.
Max. working temp. : 110°C, intermittent 160°C.
Max. working pressure : 10 bar.
N/R valve spring pressure : 200 mm w.g. (2 kPa).
Temperature gauge scale : 0 to 160°C.
Pressure gauge scale : 0 to 10 bar.
Standard flow meter : 1 to 13 l/m.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22844 Circulation unit, single line 278HE £217.12
 22845 Circulation unit, twin line 279HE £245.61

Pump Stations

>‘Solar Event’ single line pump station with solar 15-80 circulator, filling group, flow control, check and isolation valves, system pressure and return temperature gauges. Twin line unit as above, but with de- aeration device and flow temperature gauge.

SPECIFICATION : Materials : fittings brass, seals - Teflon/viton. Gaskets - klingersil or EPDM. Insulation - EPP. Max. working temp. : 120°C, intermittent 160°C. Max. operating pressure : 10 bar. Spring pressure non-return valve : 200 mm H2O (2 kPa). Temp. gauges : 0 to 160°C. Pressure gauge : solar rated, 0 to 10 bar. Standard flow meter : 3 - 10 litres per minute.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19917 EV1.1 - solar 15.80 single line £223.63
 19916 EV2.2 - solar 15.80 twin line £245.61

Drain-Units without Regulation

The solar drain-units are solar pump stations with a built-in drain-back system. By draining, the solar collectors’ problems with over-temperature and freezing can be avoided.
Max. operating temp. : 110°C.
Max. peaks : 130°C.
Safety valve : 3 bar.
Flow indication range : 2 to 12 l/min.
Max. separation volume : 8 litres.
Connections : 3⁄4" male.
Height* No. of Collectors**
P/N 22141 3 to 5 m 1 to 5.
P/N 22142 5 to 10 m 1 to 4.
* Height from the top of the solar collectors to the lowest point of the drain-unit.
**Calculated for a collector capacity of 1.25 litres.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22141 Drain-unit, 6 m £312.65

Height* No. of Collectors**
P/N 22142 5 to 10 m 1 to 4.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22142 Drain-unit, 6 + 6 m £418.43

Pump Station Accessories

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19915 Solarlogic PT 1000 low temp. sensor £12.71

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19920 22 mm brass SC insert (where standard compression fittings are used) £0.84

Safety Valve Solar Fluid Recovery Container

>When a solar safety valve actuates, solar glycol fluid is expelled from the system. The fluid can be channelled direct from the safety valve to this secure container. With drain valve.

SPECIFICATION : Capacity : 9.6 litres. Dimensions : H 270 x W 300 x D 130 mm.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19918 Solar fluid recovery container £57.60

Solar Connection Box

>Resol junction box for sensors also safely protects installation from the effects of lighting strike.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19921 Temperature sensor connection box £25.81

Solar Check Valve

>Check valve for high temperature solar systems. Max. pressure : 16 bar. Max. temperature : 180°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19938 3⁄4" BSP solar check valve £8.65

Thermostatic Solar Valve with Bypass

>The thermostatic solar kit bypass valve diverts potable domestic hot water from a solar cylinder, when lower than 45°C via a secondary heat source, then mixes and controls the temperature.
NOTE : the temperature difference between inlet hot water and mixed water must be 10°C minimum.

Max. static pressure : 10 bar.
Hot and cold flow pressure : 0.2 to 5 bar.
Mixing valve temp. range : 30 to 65°C.
Inlet hot water temp. range : 52 to 110°C.
Cold water feed temp. range : 5 to 20°C.
Connections : 1" BSP PM.
Weight : 1.14 kg.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21082 Thermostatic solar kit £62.40

Combi Solar Diverter

>INTASOL hot water diverter valve for use with combination boiler or instantaneous water heater. Solar system can be linked with a combi/water heater for back up.

SPECIFICATION : Maximum operating pressure : 10 bar static, 5 bar dynamic. Connections : 15 mm compression. Maximum inlet pressure differential : 2:1. Maximum operating temperature : 100°C. Regulating temperature : 35 to 55°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19922 INTASOL combi solar diverter valve £202.87

Solar Thermostatic Mixing Valves

>Designed to reduce the high solar water temp. continuously to a safer level. For pressurised system use.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19923 22 mm £59.99
 19925 Low pressure 22 mm £87.21
 19924 28 mm £97.24

Solar Expansion Vessels

>ECO expansion vessel for solar heating systems. Max. working temp. : 130°C. Connection size : 3⁄4" BSP T M. White.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19926 12 litre £25.61
 19927 18 litre £29.84
 19928 24 litre £34.08
 19929 35 litre floor standing £74.59
 19930 50 litre floor standing £96.54

Solar Expansion Vessel Connection Kit

>For 12, 18 and 24 litre vessels. Auto isolation valve (110°C max.), 610 mm long stainless steel flexible pipe and vessel wall bracket.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19931 Vessel connection kit - auto £37.52

Solar Flow Balancing Valve with Flow Meter

>Controls the flow by manual regulator for the solar pumped circuit.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20054 3⁄4" BSP, 2 - 7 litres £62.57
 20055 3⁄4" BSP, 7 - 28 litres £62.57
 20056 1" BSP, 10 - 40 litres £75.63

Solar Conversion Heat Exchangers

>‘Solarvert’ is a heat exchanger for fitting into an existing domestic hot water vertical copper cylinder, thereby allowing its use with a solar system. Fits into the top entry connection point for an immersion heater.

Features :
0.5 sq metre 304 grade stainless steel exchanger coil, DZR brass header, 15 mm compression connections and 1.1⁄4" access plug.

Solar Motorised Valves

>3 port diverter with 5 core cable and auxiliary switch, for use in solar (glycol mixes) and heating circuits. Operating temperature 120°C and short term peaks of up to 160°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21783 Solar diverter valve, 22 mm £39.99
 21784 Solar diverter valve, 28 mm £46.40

>2 port zone valves with 5 core cable and auxiliary switch, for use in solar (glycol mixes) and heating circuits. Operating temperature 120°C and short term peaks of up to 160°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21785 Solar zone valve, 22 mm £33.60
 21786 Solar zone valve, 28 mm £39.99

>These are rated for use with solar heating systems, peaking at 150°C, or operating up to 120°C. Suited to cope with both the glycol fluids used in solar systems and high temperatures in normal operation. Can be used to zone off additional storage tanks, for heat dumping circuits. The 3 port valve performs the function of a diverter valve in both solar and heating circuits. 22 mm connections.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19932 2 port solar zone valve, 3 wire £69.17
 19933 3 port solar diverter valve, 5 wire (with auxiliary switch) £83.68

Solar Safety Relief Valve

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19934 Solar safety valve 1⁄2" BSP inlet, 3⁄4" BSP outlet, 6 bar £7.02

Solar Automatic Air Vent

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19935 3⁄8" BSP solar auto air vent £11.88

Solar Ball Valve for Isolating Solar Air Vent

>Ball isolating valve for isolating automatic air vent in solar systems.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19936 3⁄8" BSP £8.72

SpiroTop® Solar AutoClose

The SpiroTop® solar automatic air vent with AutoClose function removes free air bubbles from the water mixture at the top of a solar system. If the solar system has to be drained, the SpiroTop® ensures fast and reliable venting.
Water-glycol mixtures : 20% min.,
  50% max.
Max. pressure : 10 bar.
Max. temp. : 180°C.
Weight : 0.7 kg.
Dimensions : H 112 x 65 dia. x max. W 84.5 mm.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21339 SpiroTop® solar autoclose, 1⁄2" BSP £94.72

Solar De-aerator

>The solar system in-line de-aerator can be operated either manually or set to vent automatically. Tropicalized sheet steel body with brass top cover, HDPE float, stainless steel spiral mesh and springs. Must be installed in a horizontal pipe with the body vertical.

Max. operating temperature :
Max. operating pressure :
Connections :
8 bar
BSP to ISO 228/1:2003

Dimensions :
P/N 20953 : H 179 x W 94 x D 50 mm.
P/N 20954 : H 223 x W 104 x D 60 mm.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20953 1" BSP solar de-aerator £50.28
 20954 1.1⁄2" BSP solar de-aerator £50.28

Solar Airstop

>The solar airstop is a brass, in-line de-aerator which is manually vented via a hose tail connection.
Normally used in conjunction with a solar pump station the solar airstop can be installed as an air removal device instead of a roof top air vent. To operate correctly the deaerator must be installed in vertical pipework with downward fluid flow.

Max. operating temperature :  160°C.
Max. operating pressure : 10 bar.

Connections :
inlet : 3⁄4" male flat face for DN16 pipe,
outlet : 22 mm compression.

Overall body height : 130 mm.
Max. Body diameter : 60 mm.
Pipe centre to end of air release : 54 mm.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20955 Airstop de-aerator, 3⁄4" male x 22 mm compression £25.71

Solar Drain/ Fill Valves

>Drain/fill valves for high temperature solar systems. Max. pressure : 16 bar. Max. temperature : 180°C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19937 1⁄2" BSP solar drain/fill valve £6.97

Solar Drain / Flush Valve

>Solar service and commissioning fitting with 22 mm and 3⁄4" connections for DN16 pipe and isolating valves, allows the solar pump station to be mounted in the loft space.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20994 22 mm/3⁄4" £22.66


>‘Solarfill 2’ solar system filling units consist of a portable pump and 30 litre reservoir for filling or flushing a system with the solar glycol medium. Hoses connect to the filling ports on the pump station ; the pump pressure can be set from 1 to 5 bar. Max. working pressure : 5 bar. Max. flow : 23 litres/min.

Supplied with two 3 m, 1⁄2" bore clear hoses with 3⁄4" BSP swivel end connections.
Supplied fitted with 1.8 m long lead, 240 V 13 amp fused 3 pin plug (110 V supplied with appropriate plug).
H 780 x W 320 x D 390 mm.
Weight (empty) : 15.5 kg.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 20881 ‘Solarfill’ 2, 240 V £539.16
 20882 ‘Solarfill’ 2, 110 V £553.02

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