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PTFE, Jointing Compounds, Sealants & Adhesives


>Gas thread sealing tape which complies with BS EN 751-3:1997. Suitable for Natural Gas and LPG.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 6963 12 mm wide x 5 m, gas thread sealing tape 1-49 0.31
   50+ 0.28  


>To BS 7786. WRc approved product.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 6962 12 mm wide x 12 m, PTFE thread sealing tape 1-99 0.26
   100+ 0.22  


>Seals domestic and commercial pipe thread systems during assembly. Replaces paste, hemp and tape. WRAS approved material. To BS 7786:2006.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 18843 PTFE string, 150m1-19 3.20
   20+ 2.56  


>PTFE thread sealant for metal and plastic pipe joints. Includes liquid installation aid in separate dispenser, and unique 360 cutter. WRAS approved material.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 18509 Rocol Twineflon, 175 m 8.24


>LOCTITE 55 thread has been developed to replace the pastes, hemps and tapes normally used. It instantly seals (irrespective of temperature) domestic and industrial pipe systems during assembly. Can be safely and confidently used with drinking or waste water (hot or cold), gas, or compressed air. Sealings can be safely made on brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, galvanised, chromed and nickel plated parts. Supplied in a handy, pocket sized, protective container complete with built-in cutter. WRAS approved material for use with potable water up to 85C (meets BS 6920).
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 12555 Loctite 55, 150 metres of thread WAS 11.94
NOW 9.15


>Liquid PTFE for use in metal and plastic assemblies.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19261 CURA liquid PTFE, 50g 3.54



>Thermally stable synthetic fibre tape impregnated with non-hardening mastic this dynamic sealant adapts to all threads (parallel and tapered) and all pipe materials (including stainless steel), allows for fitting repositioning, is also clean and leaves no trace on the hands. Conforms to EN 751/2.
Suitable for use with : Natural Gas, LPG, max. 5 bar pressure, -20 to 70C.
Water, max. 16 bar pressure at 95C and max. 7 bar pressure at 130C.
Solar panel water/glycol mixture up to 160C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22728 14 mm x 5 m 2.95


>LOCTITE 572 Seal and Lock Sealant. For sealing threaded metal fittings. Slow cure allows more assembly time.

LOCTITE 577 is designed for the locking and sealing of metal threaded pipes and fittings. Particularly suitable for use on stainless steel.

Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 7460 Loctite 572, 50 ml 19.60
 17893 Loctite 577, 50 ml 25.53


Slic-Tite Paste with PTFE

>Heavy duty pipe thread compound with PTFE suitable for metal and plastic pipes carrying water, brine, natural and LP gas, oils, bio-diesel, refrigerants and petroleum.
Brush-on (brush in cap), soft setting, non-toxic, washes off hands and clothes easily.
Pressure : 204 bar for gas ; 680 bar for liquid.
Temp. range : -46 to 260C
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22885 Slic-Tite paste with PTFE, 120 ml 7.41
 22886 Slic-Tite paste with PTFE, 240 ml 12.64


>VIRGIN WHITE brush-on multi-thread seal. Soft setting, quick and clean to use. Suitable for use with gas, oil, water and petroleum. Temperature range from -45 to 240C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 13478 120 ml, white 9.31
 13479 240 ml, white 13.52


>Hard but flexible setting sealant for metallic pipe threads and flanged joints up to 138 bar. For fuel, vegetable and mineral oils, petrol, diesel, white spirit and paraffin.
Temp. range : -50 to 200C. (Not to be applied in sub-zero temperature).
Keep container tightly closed and store in a well-ventilated area.
Storage temp. : 1 to 40C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 18514 Rocol oilseal, 300 g 13.10


Rapid curing pipe sealant for industrial metal (including stainless) pipework up to 3" dia. Suitable for natural gas and LPG pipework up to 2" dia., max. 5 bar and between -20 and 125C, conforms to EN751-1 Class H. Also for air, water (including potable), steam (max. 2 bar), petrol, diesel, fuel oils, mineral oils, vegetable oils, alcohol and refrigerant gases. Should not be applied in sub-zero temperatures.
Max. pressure : 1000 bar (2 bar for steam).
Temp. range : -50 to 150C.
Storage temp. : 1 to 40C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21407 Rocol Rapidseal, 50 ml 10.04


>Plumber's hemp in handy dispenser.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 12621 Hemp spool dispenser, 40 gram 3.03


Vitcas White 400 g Tub

>Vitcas white jointing compound complies with BS EN 751-2:1997. Non-hardening, designed for use with metallic threaded joints ; hot water, Natural Gas, LPG and low pressure steam.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 18565 Vitcas, 400 g tub 1.29

Boss White 400 g Tub

>A non-toxic jointing compound. Conforms to BS 6956-5:1992 for use with hot and cold water (non-potable duties), Natural Gas and low pressure steam up to 7 bar pressure and temperature up to 200C.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 6878 400 g tub, boss white 1-19 1.25
   20+ 0.94  

Boss Green 400 g Tub

>A potable water pipe jointing compound for drinking water applications. Conforms to BS 6956-5:1992 for hot and cold water, Natural Gas and low pressure steam and temperatures up to 200C. WRc plc approved.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 6879 400 g tub, boss green 1-19 2.31
   20+ 1.85  

Hawk White 400 g Tin

>A pipe jointing paste for all general work. Conforms to BS EN 751-2:1997 Part Class A (see below) and BS 6956 Part 5 1992. Suitable for Natural Gas, LPGas, non-potable water, low pressure steam, air (excluding medical lines), brine and alcohol. To meet BS EN 751-2 on pipes 25mm to 50mm, approved reinforcing fibre must be used. The BS does not apply over 50mm. For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd family gases to 5 bar and 70C, and for water to 7 bar and 130C, when used as instructed.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 6880 400 g tub, hawk white 1-23 3.61
   24+ 2.71  

Water Hawk 400 g Tin

>Potable water jointing compound. WRc plc listed. For hot and cold water. To BS EN 751/2:1997 Part 2 Class B.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 8799 400 g tin, water hawk 1-17 5.56
   18+ 4.45  


>Quick-setting foam; can be cut, sawn, or plastered in one hour. Fills gaps around window and door frames, pipe entries, gaps in stone, concrete, brick, or plaster, and for electrical wire chasing prior to plastering. Working temperature (can and surfaces) 5 to 25C, ideally 20C.
PLEASE NOTE: we can only send to UK mainland addresses.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 19014 500 ml (Can only supply to UK Mainland customers) 1-11 3.09
   12+ 2.78  
 19015 750 ml (Can only supply to UK Mainland customers) 1-23 3.54
   24+ 3.19  



>EVO-STIK Flashband Original. The original self-adhesive sealing strip. Provides an instant waterproof seal and bonds to most building materials. Grey finish.

Primer S.V.

>EVO-STIK Flashband Primer. Solvent-based primer to prepare porous, rough, dusty surfaces. Especially formulated for use in cold, damp weather.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 13205 500 ml, Evo-stik Flashband Primer S.V. 6.08


>SYLGLAS original waterproofing tape, never hardens, ideal for sealing and protecting, glazing bars, gutters, downpipes and above ground metal. Supplied complete with cellophane gloves.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 18980 Original waterproofing tape, 75mm wide x 4m long 10.18


For adhesives in cartridge format please Click Here

Impact Adhesives

>EVO-STIK. Provides a strong bond on contact without the need for jigs, clamps or weights.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 13186 32 gm tube 2.72
 13187 67 gm tube 5.89
 13188 250 ml can 6.24
 13189 500 ml can 8.54

Timebond Adhesives

>EVO-STIK Timebond thixotropic contact adhesive. A non-drip contact adhesive, especially useful on vertical surfaces.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 13190 250 ml 5.54
 13191 500 ml 10.32


>EVO-STIK 191 adhesive cleaner is a mixture of solvents for the preparation of substrates prior to bonding and removing the residue of Evo-Stik wet or dry adhesives from tools and non-porous surfaces. Will also remove grease, wax and similar stains. NOTE : This cleaner is not designed to remove old deposits of adhesive from ceilings, walls and floors.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21910 250 ml tin 4.72


>EVO-STIK carpet adhesive, a rapid drying solvent borne aerosol adhesive with adjustable spray nozzle, designed for bonding foam backed carpet, carpet tiles, under-felt and many other flooring materials. NOTE : Not suitable for polystyrene and solvent sensitive surfaces. Coverage : 3.5 m per can.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 21912 500 ml can 4.77

Mitre Fast Kit

>Mitre Fast bonding is a two part instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol activator, mainly used in the furniture, timber, kitchen and plastics industries to reduce mitre joint assembly time.

Also suitable for bonding MDF, rubber, PVCu, metals etc.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22321 Mitre Fast kit, MITRE1IND 3.63

Supa-Fix Kit

>Supa-Fix APX4 kit contains 2 bottles of ultra strength cyanoacrylate adhesive, black and grey filling and reinforcing powders, anti-curing pin and a precision pipe for use on small repairs. Adhesive cures in 7 seconds. For use with wood, plastics, ceramic, stone and some metals.
Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, painted and can bridge gaps.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 22815 Supa-Fix kit, 4 x 10 ml bottles 7.98


>Rapid drying cement. Smooth and easy to work, it gives a hard set in 30 minutes.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 17360 2 kg bag cement 1.92
 11257 3 kg bag cement 2.14
 11258 6 kg bag cement 3.92
 20271 3 kg bag cement, porcelain white 4.94
 20274 3 kg bag cement, waterproof 3.68
 19238 2 kg bag sand/cement premixed 1.82
 20273 3 kg bag powder filler 3.44
 20272 6 kg bag patching plaster 6.27


Tile Wooden Floors

>EVO-STIK highly flexible, ready to use tile adhesive and grout for tiling directly on to wooden floorboards and tongue and groove flooring.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 16176 Flexible ceramic tile adhesive and grout, 5 litre tub 14.32

Wall Tile Adhesives

>EVO-STIK instant grab ceramic wall tile adhesive, ready to use, excellent non-slip and mould resistant properties. For use on dry internal walls and areas subject to some splashing.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 16177 Wall tile adhesive, 2.5 litre tub 4.78
 16178 Wall tile adhesive, 5 litre tub 6.78

Wall Tile Grout

>EVO-STIK powdered ceramic wall tile grout, ideal for interior use, also suitable for exterior work. Easy to mix with water, dries to a brilliant white, mould-resistant finish.

Tile Grout Reviver

>Use to restore discoloured and dirty tile grout in bathrooms, showers and kitchens.
Part No.DescriptionUnit PriceQty
 18615 'ForeverWhite' grout reviver, 200 ml 1.84

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