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Working with HVAC equipment and need the right tools for testing? Need to ensure that air conditioning and refrigeration equipment won’t ever let you down? At BES, we stock a wide range of air conditioning testing equipment and gauges, including manifolds, pressure gauges and vacuum gauges.

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The right gauge for the right job

BES can help you source appropriate air conditioning and refrigeration test equipment for commercial and domestic systems. Our range includes:

Vacuum Probes

Ideal for fast testing vacuums through a single port, you always want a vacuum probe that prides itself on ease of use. A product like the Testo 552i Wireless Vacuum Probe does just that, with a 45° angle probe and Bluetooth connectivity for app integration.


When a system requires frequent/repeated connections, quick release couplings that stand up to the challenge are a must. We stock elbow and straight couplers that help avoid common problems like refrigerant burns.


You never want to find yourself confused over which hose/charging lines connects to where. We stock colour coded hoses in a range of lengths.


Whether you’re looking to keep things simple with a traditional two way standard manifold (including manifolds with sight glass) or want the enhanced features that the digital manifolds from the likes of Testo and REFMATE provide, BES has some great manifolds in stock right now. A big customer favourite right now is the Testo 557s Digital Refrigeration Manifold Set.

Pressure Gauges

Whether working up to 10 bar or 30 bar, we stock gauge adjustable Bourdon tube gauges that offer great performance for years to come.

Vacuum Gauges

Ideal for quickly testing any differences in atmospheric pressure, a reliable vacuum gauge can help you out in a pinch. The likes of the Javac VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge, with its magnetic HVAC strap, gives accurate readings and a 0.5 second update rate.

Working on an AC unit?

Whether you are working on an installation, or need help finding a part to fix a broken AC system, BES can help. We are proud to stock a wide variety of air conditioning, refrigeration fittings and installation equipment. Check out the full range here.

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With free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders (more information here), you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal on air conditioning gauges and additional equipment.

If you need help finding testing equipment or need a specific part for an AC unit, contact BES today to see how we can help. Give our team a call on 0800801090.

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Testo 557s Digital Refrigeration Manifold Set Part Number: 24598
£475.36 £396.13
Testo 550i Digital Refrigeration Manifold Part Number: 24595
£153.68 £128.07
Javac VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge Part Number: 24942
£194.99 £162.49
REFMATE-2 Digital Manifold Part Number: 24238
£491.77 £409.81
CCL36 - 3 x Colour Coded Charging Lines/Hoses Part Number: 15102
£30.26 £25.22
Testo 552i Wireless Vacuum Probe Part Number: 24597
£137.17 £114.31
Two Way R410A Manifold with No Sight Glass Part Number: 19893
£68.69 £57.24
Two Way Standard Manifold with Sight Glass Part Number: 15099
£80.84 £67.37
M2-250-DS-R22 Pressure Gauge -1 up to +10 bar Part Number: 15103
£15.55 £12.96
M2-500-DS-R22 Pressure Gauge -1 up to +30 bar Part Number: 15104
£15.55 £12.96
Super Manifold Set with 'Snap-on' System Part Number: 15097
£185.10 £154.25
Two Way R410A Manifold with Charging Lines Part Number: 15101
£143.92 £119.93
Elbow Quick Release Coupler, 1/2" x 20 UNF Part Number: 17199
£57.78 £48.15
Straight Quick Release Coupler, 1/2" x 20 UNF Part Number: 17198
£51.88 £43.23

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