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Whether you need to recharge your batteries or buy new ones, at BES, we have them all. All our batteries are from the trusted Duracell brand, plus we stock an excellent rechargeable range and charger.

Have a look at our full range to find the battery you need and get it in a hurry, with fast delivery on qualifying orders.

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Helping you find the right battery

At BES, we stock a comprehensive range of batteries from trusted brands. Our range includes alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, and chargers:

AA batteries

Available in packs of 4 or 10, our AA batteries are competitively priced. Our AA Duracell batteries are great to have around the house, as you never know when your electric shaver or one of your DIY tools goes flat.

AAA Batteries

Like our AA battery range, our AAA batteries come in packs of 4 or 10 Duracell batteries. Having a spare AAA battery pack around the house is a must, as these batteries are commonly used in remotes and toys.

PP3 Batteries

PP3 batteries, also known as 9v batteries, are available as single or a 10 Duracell pack. More often, these batteries are used in smoke alarms and medical devices.

D Batteries

D batteries are most commonly used in high drain applications such as flashlights, transmitters, receivers, odorisers and dispensers. Our range of D batteries includes 2 and 10 packs of Duracell D batteries.

C Batteries

Long-lasting C batteries are often used in household torches and kids' toys. At BES, we have you covered; our C battery range includes 2 and 10 battery packs.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a great way to keep something working around the clock, whether in the home or at work. These batteries are perfect for cordless tools that take batteries, cameras etc. Our range includes rechargeable AA batteries, rechargeable AAA batteries, PP3 9V rechargeable batteries, rechargeable D batteries and rechargeable C batteries. Most rechargeable battery packs come with 2 or 4 pack options.

Rechargeable Battery Chargers

Rechargeable battery chargers and rechargeable battery packs can seem more costly; however, they are well worth the investment in the long run. Our most popular charger is the Duracell 4 Cell Charger, suitable for charging 2 or 4 AA/AAA rechargeable batteries and capable of giving you 90% of full charge in just 4h.

The right equipment for natural gas systems

Make BES your one-stop shop for all your battery needs. Our range includes a wide range of batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and accessories, with next day delivery.

Experience is everything for us

As a leading industry specialist for over 45 years now, BES can help you get the batteries you need in no time at all. With free delivery on qualifying orders, over 15,000 products in stock, and an Excellent rating from, you’re guaranteed to get what you need, when you need it, any time you shop at BES.

Need help finding a specific battery?

Make sure you never get stuck without the right batteries again! If there is a specific battery or charger you need, contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you source it.

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Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 10 Part Number: 18465
£3.88 £3.23
Duracell D Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 10 Part Number: 20914
£14.36 £11.97
Duracell D Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 2 Part Number: 7593
£2.68 £2.23
Duracell C Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 10 Part Number: 20913
£9.37 £7.81
Duracell 4 Cell Charger Part Number: 21188
£25.75 £21.46
Duracell NiMH Rechargeable Battery - PP3 9V Part Number: 18646
£9.13 £7.61
Duracell C Alkaline Batteries - Pack of 2 Part Number: 7594
£2.40 £2.00

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