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Motorised Valve
Motorised Valve

Motorised Valve

BES stock a comprehensive range of motorised valves used in central heating systems, including 2-port valves, 3-port valves, replacement heads and motors and valve head conversion kits.

With quick delivery on most orders, we strive to get your motorised valve to you as soon as possible.

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An unbeatable selection of central heating motorised valves

Essential in regulating the hot water flow within the central heating system – from the boiler to hot water cylinders, radiators or both, we source motorised valves from industry-leading brands such as:

  • Honeywell Home
  • Danfoss
  • Drayton
  • Secure

The types of motorised valves or replacement parts available here at BES are:

2 Port Zone Motorised Valves

Our range includes 22mm and 28mm diameters 2-port zone motorised valves – these zone valves come with two plumbing connections - in and out. Our selection also consists of the popular 2 Port Rotary Shoe Zone Valve – 22mm.

3 Port Mid Position Motorised Valves

3 port motorised valves have three plumbing connections, one for the flow in and two outputs. Our 3 port valves come in 22mm and 28mm sizes, with the most popular motorised valve being the Honeywell Home V4073A Mid-Position Valve – 3 Port 22mm valve. A 3 Port Mid-position Rotary Shoe Valve 22 mm from Danfoss is also available in this selection.

3 Port Diverter Valves

Our 3 port diverter motorised valves are from Drayton and come in 22mm and 28mm options. They comprise of a 230V AC actuator with synchronous motor, a push button release, a manual operation lever and valve position indicators.

Motorised Valves Replacement Heads

Our replacement heads allow a complete power head assembly to be replaced without draining down. For older style valves, a power head conversion kit can be used to upgrade the valve to allow the replaceable head to be used.

Motorised Valves Replacement Motors

Replacement synchronous motors for multiple series of motorised valves are available at BES. One of our most versatile replacement motor is found here.

Valve Head Conversion Kits for Motorised Valves

Complete with sealing balls and plates, our power head conversion kits are compatible with the V4043H, V4044C or V4073A series replacement heads.

At BES, we also have a selection of unbranded motorised valves for anyone looking for a reliable motorised valve that costs less.

Better deals on motorised valves

BES has been the choice of many in the trade for over 45 years – our knowledge and experience ensure we stock everything needed, no matter the project at hand.

And with an Excellent rating from reviews.co.uk, you can trust us too for all your central heating needs – our range includes heating pumps, expansion vessels, valves, controls, boiler equipment, and so much more.

Prompt delivery of your new motorised valve

As with most equipment, parts or tools, there are a few things you need to consider before buying a motorised valve, including ensuring that your heating system can use motorised valves. 

If you have any questions about any of our motorised valves or any of our other products, just get in touch at 08000 801090, and the BES team will be able to provide expert advice.

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