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BES stocks a comprehensive range of high-quality compression fittings suitable for connecting all types of plumbing pipes. Our compression range includes chrome, DZR, imperial, brass, chrome, brass, UK fittings, etc., which guarantee the longevity of any job.

Have a look at our full selection to find what compression fitting you need and get it in a hurry, with fast delivery on qualifying orders.

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What is a compression fitting?

A compression fitting is used to join two tubes or pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve without soldering. They are preferred when installing cold or hot water pipes or repairing gas or central heating systems.

Compression fittings consist of three parts: a nut, a ring and a seat. When the compression fitting gets tightened, it provides a watertight connection.  

Helping you find the right compression fitting

Ensuring that your compression fitting suits the task at hand is important. That’s why BES prides itself on stocking as wide a range of compression pipe fittings as you’ll find anywhere online.

Our range of compression fittings includes:

UK Fittings

We like to say we have every UK fitting you’d ever need in stock to ensure a secure connection for pipework. Our UK compression fittings range includes elbows, olives, couplers, connectors, reducing sets, compression nuts and many more.

Brass Fittings

No matter what your plumbing installation project involves, our large selection of brass compression fittings will have you covered, from elbows and nuts to tank and tap connectors.

DZR Fittings

Whether you need DZR fittings for commercial or residential construction, our collection includes adaptors, couplers, elbows, connectors, tees and stop ends designed for use in applications that deliver water consumption.

Chrome Fittings

BES supplies a large selection of chrome-plated fittings, including elbows, tees, sockets, couplers, gate valves, taps and even clips.

Imperial Fittings

The imperial fittings selection for use on LPG includes bulkhead coupling, compression nuts, elbows, olives, stop ends, straight adaptors or couplers and tees.

Metric Fittings

Similar to our imperial fittings range, our selection of metric fittings includes elbows, olives, straight couplers, and tees to be used on LPG.

Irish Fittings

Our Irish compression fittings are made of brass bodies and olives. These are for use with Irish copper pipes.

Lead Fittings

Our lead fittings collection includes brass compression coupling for joining lead pipes to copper tubes. The fittings in this range are not suitable for gas use.

Steel Fittings

Whether you need an adaptor, a coupling, a tee or an elbow, our stainless steel compression fittings collection is suitable for connecting pipes in natural gas and LPG applications.

Experience is everything for us

Supplying those in the trade for over 45 years, BES stocks a huge range of pipe fittings, pipe and tubing, clips and brackets, pipe insulation and pipe tools to ensure that any job that needs pipes has you covered. View our full range of pipe tubes & fittings here.

With free delivery on qualifying orders, over 15,000 products in stock, and an Excellent rating from Reviews.co.uk, you’re guaranteed to get what you need, when you need it, any time you shop at BES.

Need help finding a compression fitting?

If there is a specific item you’re not finding, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you source it or find something appropriate.

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