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Solder Ring
Solder Ring

Solder Ring

BES stocks a large selection of copper and brass solder ring fittings for joining copper pipes used in all domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing systems.

Whether you’re looking for tees, elbows or straight union connectors, we will surely have the fitting you need. Shop now for next-day delivery on top-quality plumbing solder ring fittings.

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Every type of solder ring fitting for the job

Also known by the trademarked name Yorkshire fitting, a solder ring fitting is a pre-soldered capillary connector for joining copper pipes used in plumbing. The Yorkshire suite of integral solder ring capillary fittings has the solid reputation of an established product range and suits a broad spectrum of applications in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

A wide range of solder rings is available at BES, from 6mm to 54mm, and can be bought individually or go for our value 200 pack. Our most popular types of solder ring fittings include:

  • Connectors
  • Straight Union Connectors
  • Elbows
  • Fitting Reducers
  • Stop Ends
  • Straight Couplings
  • Tank Connectors
  • Tap Connectors
  • Union Couplings
  • Bent Union Connectors
  • Cylinder Unions
  • Metric to Imperial Coupling

We recommend using our Type and Size filters in the left menu to help you find the solder ring you need in no time at all.

The right solder ring fittings for the job

Finding out if a specific part is what you need is easy at BES, with each product having the exact specifications listed on its respective product pages. And if you are already familiar with the BES catalogue and know the exact fittings you need, grab the code, and get it added to your basket immediately with BES Quick Shop.

We also stock a wide range of other pipe fittings such as compression, end feed capillary, push-fit, press-fit, malleable iron, stainless steel, MDPE, screwed brass, refrigeration and many more.

How to use solder ring fittings?

Solder rings are simply copper or brass or copper/brass fittings that come in different shapes and sizes that are used to join copper pipework.

We are often asked how to use a solder ring fitting. Simply clean the copper pipe and the fitting, apply flux and use a hit source such as a heat gun or blowtorch to melt the solder. We recommend allowing the joint to cool before touching it or moving it.

Solder Ring Fittings delivered in no time

With free delivery on qualifying orders and next-day delivery on our fittings, BES aims to help you source and find everything you need as quickly as possible.

BES is a one-stop-shop for all pipes, tubes and fittings, so don’t forget to look for all the parts you need before heading to checkout. If you need some help finding parts, contact BES right now by calling us on 0800801090.

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