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At BES, we understand that having high-quality plumbing supplies is a must. Our extensive range of top-quality brassware fittings includes valves, cocks, solenoids, air vents and strainers to ensure you find everything you need for the plumbing job at hand.

Have a browse at our full range of brassware fittings. No matter what fitting you need, we've got it covered.

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An unbeatable selection of brassware fittings

We pride ourselves on having everything covered when looking at brassware fitting needs. Our full range includes:

Ball Valves

If there's a ball valve you need, BES has it. Our unbeatable range of ball valves includes:

  • filter ball valves
  • full bore ball valves
  • lever operated isolating valves
  • lockable full-bore valves
  • screwdriver operated isolating valves
  • stainless steel ball valves

Isolating Valves

We stock a range of isolating, flow control & service valves available with compression, push-fit or lever connections.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic water control for hot water control designed for centralised systems demanding high flow rates, all available for next day delivery.

Check Valves

Backflow and check valves are available at BES, in a choice of either single, double, swing or backflow options. 

Stop & Bib Cocks

A wide range of stop & bib cocks available with compression or BSP connections is always in stock at BES. 

Pressure Reducing Valves

We stock a range of pressure equalising and reducing relief valves available with compression or BSP connections.


Mains operated solenoid valves with brass bodies and stainless-steel plungers, either servo-assisted or directly activated, are available for next day delivery.

Gate Valves

We have a range of gate valves available to suit many plumbing applications, including lockshield or wheel head gate valves.

Drain Cocks

Also known as MT plugs, we have a wide selection of drain cocks at BES; over 20 types to choose from, including 1/2", 3/4", 15mm, 22mm, in both 'A' and 'B' type.

Bypass Valves

Differential bypass valves are designed to prevent the pump from working against a closed circuit when all the 2 port control valves or thermostatic radiators have closed.

Bottled Air Vents

Bottle air vents with check valve allow automatic air removal from central heating systems available for next day delivery.

Service Valves

Service valves are isolation valves that allow work to be carried out on an appliance without turning off the water supply to the property.


Our range of strainers includes stainless steel, thermoplastic, BSP and compression strainers.

All the tools to get the job done

No job is too big or small when you have BES products at hand, and our complete range of plumbing supplies has you covered too. Our range has all the essentials, including plumbing fittings, bathroom & shower fittings, hoses, gutter & drain fittings, tap connectors, kitchen & catering fittings and many more.

Brassware fittings delivered in a hurry

With free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders, BES aims to get your brassware fittings shipped directly in no time at all. And if you're not 100% satisfied with your order, we have a FREE returns policy in place.

Are you looking for a specific brassware fitting? Get in touch by calling the team on 08000 801090, and we can help you source it

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