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Isolation Valves
Isolation Valves

Isolation Valves

Discover a comprehensive selection of isolating, flow control, and service valves at BES, featuring brassware solutions suitable for various plumbing applications. With our range including over 70 products always in stock, each designed for reliability, durability, and ease of installation, there really isn’t a better place to shop online.

Enjoy great isolating valves when you shop with us, and take advantage of free delivery on qualifying orders to get your products delivered straight to your door as early as the next day.

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A comprehensive range of isolating valves

BES stocks a range of isolating, flow control and service valves available with compression, push fit or lever connections. From ball-type valves to lever-operated isolating valves, we offer a diverse selection from top brands, such as Inta, Ballofix, FloPlast and Aladding, to suit every requirement.

Ballofix Valves

Discover the convenience of Ballofix valves, featuring compact design and easy operation for quick isolation of water supply in tight spaces. Available in 15 mm and 22 mm options.

Push-fit Isolating Valves

Explore our range of push-fit isolating valves designed for precise flow control and reliable performance in plumbing systems. The FloPlast FloFit+ Push-fit Isolating Valve - 15mm Chrome is the most popular product in this selection.

Ball Type Valves

Choose from a variety of brass ball-type valves, offering dependable isolation and control of water flow. Flat-faced straight isolation valves are part of our range, with the 15mm x 3/8" BSP PM Valve being the most popular.

Easyfit Isolator Aladdin

Experience hassle-free installation and maintenance with our Easyfit Isolator Aladdin range, ensuring smooth operation and long-term reliability. The Aladdin EasyFit Isolator – 15 mm is the most popular in the range.

EasyFit Isolator Tool Kits

Required to install Aladdin EasyFit isolators, our most popular tool kit consists of a long socket, M5 socket cap and Phillips driver bits.

Flow Regulator Cartridges

Ensure precise flow control and water management with our flow regulator cartridges, built to maintain optimal flow rates in plumbing systems.

Lever Operated Isolating Valves

Choose from a selection of lever-operated isolating valves, offering easy manual control for shutting off water supply when needed.

Mini Ball Valves

Explore our range of mini ball valves, perfect for tight spaces and applications where space is limited, offering reliable isolation and control of water flow.

Push-Fit Ball Valves

View our push-fit ball valve selection, designed for quick and easy installation without the need for additional tools or fittings.

Regulator Ball Valves

Achieve consistent water pressure and flow with our regulator ball valves, featuring precision engineering for reliable performance in plumbing systems.

Single Check Isolating Valves

Ensure backflow prevention and protection of your plumbing system with our single check isolating valves, offering peace of mind and security. Straight single check, single check and angled Isolating valves are available.

Tee with Isolating Valves

Choose from a selection of tee fittings with built-in isolating valves, providing convenient access and control for maintenance and repairs.

Valve Adaptors

Find the perfect valve adaptors for your plumbing needs, allowing seamless connection and integration of different types of valves and fittings.

Water Block

Discover our range of water block valves, offering automatic shut-off and protection against water leaks and damage in plumbing systems.

Why choose BES

With over 45 years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence, BES is your trusted source for high-quality isolating valves and flow control solutions. We offer a wide range of brassware valves backed by exceptional customer service and efficient delivery options.

We also recommend exploring our full range of brassware plumbing products, it really won’t let you down. Ball, check, pressure reducing, thermostatic mixing, gate, bypass and service valves are all in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Get your isolating valves delivered in a hurry

Shop isolating valves confidently and enjoy the convenience of next-day delivery on qualifying orders.

If you have any questions about our products or need assistance with your order, contact us at 0800 801090 to speak with our friendly team.

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