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Central Heating
Central Heating

Central Heating

At BES, we understand that being able to source reliable central heating supplies quickly is a must, especially when something goes wrong with the central heating system. That’s why we offer next-day delivery on most products within our central heating range.

We are confident that no matter what you need, we've got it covered, and with fast shipping and free returns, shopping for central heating supplies and parts has never been easier.

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An unbeatable selection of central heating supplies

We pride ourselves on having everything covered when looking at central heating, including a wide range of central heating pumps and treatments to help maintain central heating systems. Our full range includes:

Heating Pumps

We supply a comprehensive range of domestic and industrial heating pumps from leading brands such as Grundfos, DAB and Wilo, suitable for a wide range of applications, including potable water, hot water heating systems, underfloor heating, and air conditioning systems.


We stock an extensive range of valves available to suit a wide number of heating applications. Our selection includes radiator valves, water pump valves, backflow & check valves, filling loops, safety pressure relief valves, bypass valves, towel rail valves and system venting valves.

Motorised Valves

At BES, we stock motorised zone valves, replacement heads and motors, valve head conversion kits & more from top manufacturers such as Honeywell Home, Danfoss, Drayton and Secure.

Boiler Equipment

For all your boiler equipment needs, look no further than BES. We stock a full range of condensate pumps, by-pass kits, pipe insulation, soakaways and neutralisers. 

Filters & Vents

We recommend using heating filters to reduce the amount of sludge in the central heating system. Our range also includes air and dirt separators. 

Central Heating Controls

Controls play an essential part in the heating system's efficiency, especially for gas and oil boilers. We offer an extensive range of time controls, thermostats, and control packs from top brands such as Siemens, Honeywell, Danfoss and Horstmann.

System Treatment

Maintaining your central heating system is crucial. Our range of system treatments includes power flush pumps, inhibitors, transfer fluid, protectors, anti-freeze, concentrated cleaners, inhibitor test kits, limescale removers, leak sealers, jointing compounds & more.


At BES, we offer correctly sized expansion vessels, including our new range of robokit compact vessels. Our standard range of expansion vessels has 8, 12, 18, 24, 35, 50, 80, and 105 litre capacities.

Radiator Accessories

BES carry a wide range of radiator accessories to make the installation process and radiator maintenance as easy as possible. Our range includes brackets, dosing funnels, drain kits, plugs, brackets, seals & more.

Towel Rails

BES stocks a range of heated chrome-plated towel rails that meet the dimensions needed for your bathroom. Our sizes range from 800 x 400 mm to 1200 x 600 mm.


Calculators determine the heating requirements for older types of domestic premises and also the sizes of all the equipment needed for the installation. Our calculators are available for gas flow, industrial heating, pipe sizing and combustion efficiency.

All the central heating supplies to get the job done

When you have BES products at hand, no job is too big! Our complete range of heating & ventilation products has all the essentials, including oil heating equipment, solar accessory products, ventilation productsflue systems and underfloor heating products.

Here to help every day

Need a specific part, and you can’t find it? Get in touch by calling the team on 08000 801090, and we can help you source it.

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