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Housing Box Fittings
Housing Box Fittings

Housing Box Fittings

Explore a comprehensive selection of housing box fittings, ensuring you have everything needed to fit gas meter housing boxes securely and efficiently. Our extensive range includes everything from adaptors to brackets, all designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

With our commitment to next-day delivery on qualifying orders, you can trust us to supply your project needs promptly.

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Extensive Range of Housing Box Fittings

Looking for reliable and high-quality housing box fittings? BES has a wide variety of fittings to ensure your gas meter installations are secure and efficient. Here’s a look at what we offer:

Adaptor Kits

Our Uni-Slot Adaptor Kit M5 & 1/4" UNF Thread Shear Bolts are perfect for versatile and secure gas meter housing box installations, providing robust and reliable connections.

PE Adaptor Brackets

We stock PE adaptor brackets to suit various fitting sizes, including the PE Adaptor Bracket for 20/25/32mm fittings and the PE Adaptor Bracket for 32mm fittings, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Draw Tool Expanders

Our range of draw-lock tool spare expanders, available in 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm sizes, are essential for maintaining and repairing gas meter housings with ease.

Draw-lock Tools

Check out our draw-lock tools with Expanders in 20mm and 25mm sizes for versatile installation and maintenance.

Floor Brackets

Our floor-mounted meter brackets, including the slotted variant, offer sturdy and dependable support for gas meters, ensuring stability and security in your installations.

Gas Meter Boxes

We offer the Unibox Universal Gas Meter Box in this selection and a wider choice in our housing box range.

Meter Box Adaptors

Our wide selection of meter box adaptors includes the above ground crimp meter box adaptor (25mm x 3/4"), push-fit meter box adaptor gas MDPE (25mm x 3/4"), and many more. These adaptors are designed for easy and secure connections.

Meter Box Assemblies

The Clesse Evolution LPG Meter Box Assembly, an all-in-one solution for housing and protecting your LPG meters, is the most popular assembly in our selection.

Meter Box Connections

For secure and efficient connections, our LPG Meter Box Connection Kit and the LPG Meter Box Connection with 2 Locking Nuts provide reliable options.

Meter Box Doors

We stock replacement gas meter housing doors in various sizes, such as the H 545 x W 381mm and H 381 x W 341mm, ensuring you can easily find the right fit for your housing box.

Meter Box Keys

The Meter Housing Box Key is an essential tool for conveniently accessing and maintaining gas meter boxes.

Meter Box Mounting Kits

Our Clesse LPG Meter Box Mounting Kits, including wall, stake, and edge mounting options, provide versatile solutions for installing meter boxes in various environments.

Meter Box Spigots

The 250mm Meter Box Spigot offers a secure and reliable connection point for gas meter installations.

Meter Brackets

Our Gas Meter Bracket for G4 & G6 Meters with 110/130 Centres and the Uni-Clamp Outlet Bracket ensure stable and secure mounting of gas meters.

Meter Shelves

For commercial applications, our Commercial Gas Meter Shelves for U16/U25 and G25/G40 & U40/U65 Meters provide robust support for larger meter installations.

Mounting Stakes

The Mounting Stake for LPG Meter Box Assembly offers a sturdy and reliable option for securely installing meter boxes.


We offer a wide choice of regulators, with the Mesura 2nd Stage UPSO/OPSO Propane Regulator being one of the most popular in the range.

Shear Bolts

Our Shear Bolt for Meter Bracket is designed to provide secure and tamper-proof connections for gas meter brackets.

Shear Bolt Tools

The Meter Shear Bolt Removal Tool is essential for quickly removing and maintaining shear bolts in gas meter installations.

Transition Fittings

We stock various transition fittings, including the 32mm x 1" Brass and 25mm x 3/4" Brass options, ensuring seamless connections between different types of piping.


The Security Washer for Meter Bracket Shear Bolt offers additional security and stability for your gas meter installations.

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At BES, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. With over 45 years of industry experience and an Excellent rating from reviews.co.uk, we offer only the best products and services.

Our customers benefit from free next-day delivery on qualifying orders and a hassle-free returns policy, making your shopping experience as smooth as possible.

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Browse our extensive range of housing box fittings and find the perfect solutions for your project.

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