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Natural Gas & LPG
Natural Gas & LPG

Natural Gas & LPG

BES is your one-stop shop for all the natural gas & LPG products you need. We stock cooker hoses, alarms, gas/vent interlock, fittings, LPG Changeover kits, regulators, valves, and filters, plus much more.

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A comprehensive range of natural gas & LPG products

BES are helping customers across the UK get the gas products they need quickly to help get the job done. Our range includes:

Meters & Fittings

BES offers domestic and commercial gas meters and handy kits to help with individual installations.

Natural Gas Parts

If you’re working with natural gas, you’ll be certain BES has the parts at hand to help get things going. Our parts range includes everything from meter boxes and fittings to gas burners and regulators.

Gas/Vent Interlock Parts

Primarily suited for commercial use, having proper working valves and interlock systems is important. Our range sorts that out, along with accessories including sensors and emergency switches.

LPG Parts

From changeover kits and regulators to valves and compression fittings, our range of LPG parts helps those working with smaller LPG installations sort out minor issues in a pinch.

Gas Alarms

BES has alarms for every gas need. Our heat & smoke alarms range is suited for domestic and commercial use, along with natural gas sensors, CO & CO2 alarms.

Helping you get the job done with fittings, seals and washers

Never let a job fall behind without everything you need in place. Always make sure you have appropriate fittings, seals and washers ready. Our range includes everything you’d ever need to fit a meter. Make sure you have your gas fittings before heading to checkout.   

Get your natural gas products tomorrow!

BES aims to get the natural gas and LPG products you need delivered as quickly as possible. We have next day delivery available on 1000s of gas products, with free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders.

If you need help sourcing a specific product for a gas system, give BES a quick call on 0800 801090.

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