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Electric Meters & Meter  Boxes
Electric Meters & Meter  Boxes

Electric Meters & Meter Boxes

Are you looking for electric meters, meter boxes, prepayment meters, amp transformers and related accessories for both residential and commercial projects? We’ve got everything you need for your electrical and lighting projects here at BES.

Whether you need a single-phase, double-phase or triple-phase meter, an electric hockey stick or an electric coin-operated meter, you can get a good deal on meters at BES. We offer unbeatable prices, fast shipping and free returns, making it easier than ever to get the equipment you need without hassle.

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Our wide selection of electric meters and accessories

We pride ourselves on having various types of electric meters, meter boxes, fuses, and components in stock. Popular items within the range include:

Electric meter boxes

A range of compression-moulded non-fireproof meter boxes made from weather-resistant glass-reinforced fire retardant polyester is available at BES. Our white surface-mounted electricity meter box is the most popular meter box in the selection is our white surface-mounted electricity meter box.

Single Phase Energy Analysers with Pulse Output

Single-phase energy analysers with pulse output, designed to measure and monitor electrical parameters such as voltage and frequency and then transmit the data as pulses are available in this selection.

Three Phase Electric Meters

Three phase electric meters with phase outputs, with M-bus ports or with RS585 Modbus ports are available in the range. Also available is the three-phase electricity meter that can be used for solar, PV, commercial and light industrial applications.

Single Phase Electric Meters

The most popular single-phase electric meter in the range is our electronic credit meter for single-phase residential applications.

Pound Coin Meters

Our range of pound coin meters is suitable for leisure centres, camps, caravans, flats, hotels and guest houses. BES also has reconditioned pre-payment electricity slot meters available, including this popular coin meter.

Electric Dual Coin Meters

£1 and £2 dual coin meters are included in our range of electronic meters. They feature an adjustable payment rate/credit option, which can be added by inserting coins.

Current Transformers

100/5 Amp and 200/5 Amp current transformers with built-in sealable terminal covers are the most popular in the collection. Both come in sets of 3.

Protector Frames with Doors for Electric Meter Boxes

Various protector frames for electric meter boxes are available at BES. Our most popular protector frame comes with a door and is designed for built-in electric meters.

Flush Fitter Electric Meter Boxes

Housingboxes for built-in electric meters manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic are available in the range.

Cable Protection

Our range of cable protection for electric meters includes the popular PVC electric hockey stick.

Meter Box Doors

Spare doors or replacement doors are available at BES. Most of the meter box doors in the range come complete with hinge pins, latch and keys.

Meter Box Latch Kits

The Naylon meter box latch kit available in our range suits all gas and most electric meter boxes.

Why shop at BES

As an industry leader in the market for over 45 years, we have an Excellent rating from reviews.co.uk and over 15,000 products in stock. And with free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders, you are guaranteed to get your electric meters and accessories quickly.

We would also recommend browsing our entire range of meters and appliances and our electrical range before heading to checkout.

We’re here to help every day

Regardless of you needing an electric coin operated or a credit meters, if there is a specific electrical meter that you need help finding, call us on 08000 801090, and we can help you source it.

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