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Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing & Heating

A fantastic range of plumbing & heating tools, equipment and accessories are available at BES. Whether you are looking for essentials such as keys & spanners or expanding plugs, or specialist tools such as hydraulic tube benders, we will have the tools you need. Get a great deal on plumbing & heating tools by shopping at BES today, with free delivery on qualifying orders.

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A comprehensive range of plumbing & heating tools

Every job is unique, and we understand that here at BES. When it comes to tools needed for plumbing and heating applications, we are proud to say we have you covered:

Drain & Chimney Cleaning Equipment

Our drain and chimney cleaning equipment selection includes rods, straps, drain rod sets, tools, brushes and many more. 

Expanding Plugs

A wide choice of nylon expanding plugs and plumbers plug kits suitable for a range of applications is available in our expanding plug selection.

Tap Installation Tools

Spanners, box spanners, tap spanner sets, tap fixing and reseating tools, wrenches and wrench sets are available in this range.

Soldering & Brazing Tools

Whether you are soldering or brazing, we are sure to have the necessary tools, consumables, and cleaning equipment. Burners, brazing torches, adjustable regulators, torches & more are included in this section.

Olive Removing Tools

Our range of olive removing tools includes quality olive cutters, pullers & splitters. The tools in this selection include sizes from 8 mm to 22 mm.

Pipe Seal Tools

BES stocks a wide range of pipe seal tools, including Jet Swet seals, Jet Swet tools, Jet Swet tool packs & more.

Keys & Spanners

Radiator keys, radiator valve change kits, air vent keys, quad keys, spanners, stop cock keys, and valve levers are just a few of the tools you can find in this range.

Boiler Service Tools

Check out our range of boiler service tools and find everything from air dusters and brush sets to telescopic mirrors from top brands such as Artic Hayes, King Dick, Rocol and PlumbPad.

Bending & Forming Tools

Our comprehensive range of bending and forming tools includes internal and external bending springs, hydraulic benders, pipe benders, pipe bender formers and guides, press kits and socket forming tools.

Pipe & Tube Cutters

Build to survive the most demanding jobs, our range of pipe and tube cutters includes quality tube and pipe cutters from top brands such as Lenox, Artic Hayesm Gas Flex Systems, OX and Irwin.

Plumb-In Rods

BES stocks a selection of plumb-in rods, with our most popular one being the standard GRP rods used to add length to standard rod sets.

The right tools for the job at hand

Whether you need a specific tool or want to know if a certain one can help you with the job, every plumbing and heating tool in stock has exact product specifications.

Make BES your one-stop shop for all your tool needs. Aside from our plumbing and heating tools, our range of tools includes power tools, hand tools, electrical tools and air conditioning tools. Before heading to checkout, view our complete range of tools here.

Plumbing & heating tools delivered in no time

BES aims to help you source everything you need as quickly as possible with free delivery on qualifying orders and speedy delivery on plumbing and heating tools.  

If you have any questions or need help finding the right tool, contact us right now by calling us on 0800801090, and our team of experts will gladly help. 

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