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Ball Valve
Ball Valve

Ball Valve

Make BES your one-stop shop for every type of ball valve you could need. We stock a wide range of ball valves in different materials and types to help make it easier for you to control flow with precision.

Shop now, great a deal on new ball valves, and see if your order qualifies for free next working day delivery.

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Helping you find the right type of ball valve

Not used to buying ball valves? Can’t tell a full bore from a mini ball valve? Our range of ball valves includes:

Filter Ball Valve

As simple as it comes. Our selection of filter ball valves includes lever handle valves and valves with removable strainers for easy maintenance.

Full Bore Ball Valve

The easiest option for allowing full through, you might sometimes hear them referred to as full port valves.

Lever Operated Isolating Valve

Needed when your valve is used in hot or cold-water systems to isolate part of the system, so you’re not draining the system; letting you save on work time.

Lockable Full Bore

The same practicality of a traditional full bore, but with the option to lock the valve to your preferred flow without someone else interrupting.

Screwdriver Operated Isolating Valve

A fool-proof option when you want a valve that is quick and easy to adjust.

Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Best left for use on systems where water quality can vary, and you need a valve that can hold its own for longer against corrosion.

If there’s a specific type of valve you’re shopping for, use the filter options on the left side menu to narrow your selection.

The right ball valve for your system

If you’re doing DIY work at home and ordering ball valves for yourself, you might be wondering whether you should be opting for stainless steel or brass. In most domestic settings, brass is fine. If you’re not 100% sure, we recommend getting in touch by calling the number above or talking with a professional to avoid any mistakes.

Knowing which ball valve brand to buy

Most of our ball valve range comprises unbranded products, although that doesn’t mean there are brands that we think make fantastic valve products. Notable mentions would include Reliance (who make fantastic full-bore valves) and Pegler (whose full-bore stainless-steel ball valves have a Leak Before Press feature).

Clear information on what your ball valve can do

BES wants to make it as clear as possible what a ball valve can be used for. Every product has a full spec list which highlights the type of connection the valve has, what system a valve is suited to and important information like size, max operating pressure & temperature range.

Helping you secure plumbing supplies

Buying valves for an upcoming job? BES has everything any plumber would need to have at hand, from tap connectors to brassware. Take a look at our full range of plumbing supplies before heading to checkout, so you don’t forget about any essentials.

Fast & FREE Delivery

With the option to quick shop over 15,000 products currently in stock and free delivery on qualifying orders, BES wants to make it as hassle-free as possible to help you get the ball valves and equipment you need in a hurry.

If you need help finding valves, or any plumbing supplies for that matter, call BES right now to see how we can help. Give our team a call on 0800801090. Lines are open from 7 am Monday to Friday.

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