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At BES, we have a vast range of plumbing tools available and in stock. From hand tools to power tools - every tool you could need as a professional plumber - we've got it. 

With a range of top-quality tools and free shipping on qualifying orders, shop for a great deal at BES. 

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An unbeatable selection of tools 

All commercial trades and domestic are aware of how important it is to have the right tools – without them, even the simplest of tasks could be challenging to complete. We pride ourselves on having everything covered when looking at tools.  

Our range of plumbing and gas engineer tools includes: 

Hand Tools 

Cutting tools, keys, spanners, sockets, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, torches, levels, rules, hammers, chisels, and surface protectors – there is no hand tool that plumbers could ever need that we wouldn’t have here at BES. 

Power Tools 

From drilling to cutting to grinding, we have power tools and power tool accessories for every job. Our range includes power tools from top manufacturers and is always available for low prices. 

Plumbing & Heating Tools 

Our fantastic range of plumbing and heating tools is available for next-day delivery and includes every essential or specialist tool you could need. From tap installation tools, olive removing tools, soldering and brazing tools, and pipe tools to cutters, keys, spanners and expanding plugs. 

Electrical Tools 

Our comprehensive range of electrical tools and equipment includes voltage detectors, indicators, testers, wire strippers, multimeters, magnets, magnet indicators, and fuse tools, to name a few. 

Tool Storage 

Are you constantly misplacing your tools? BES makes keeping your tools and equipment organised easy. View our range of storage and shelving equipment designed to help you keep things organised and safe while working. 

Pipe Freezer Tools 

Pipe freezers and pipe freezer tools are one of those must-haves for plumbers. Pipe freezers make pipework repair and maintenance a much simpler job; by using pipe freezer kits, there’s no need to drain down the system. 


A wide choice of ladder designs, steps, platforms and accessories are available for next-day delivery. The three-section extension ladder is the most popular ladder in the collection. 

Building & Decorating Tools 

From trowels to chisels, wrecking bars to buckets, scrapers to marking tapes, all your building and decorating tool needs are covered with BES. 

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Tools 

A comprehensive range of air conditioning and refrigeration tools is available and in stock at BES. Installing, filling and servicing tools for refrigeration and air conditioning systems, all in one place.  

All the tools to get the job done 

No job is too big or small when you have BES products at hand. View our complete range of tools, equipment and accessories, and discover more than just tools. Screws & fixings, consumables and many more are available and in stock within the range. 

Tools delivered in a hurry 

With free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders, we aim to get your tools shipped directly in no time at all. We also have a FREE returns policy in place, should you change your mind.  

Are you looking for a specific tool? Get in touch by calling the team on 08000 801090, and we can help you source it.

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