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Fill & Test
Fill & Test

Fill & Test

A range of top-quality solar filling and testing equipment designed to monitor the health and performance of solar thermal heating systems which use glycol-based transfer fluid is available at BES. 

Get a great deal on solar filling and testing equipment by shopping at BES today, with free delivery on qualifying orders.

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What are solar filling & testing equipment kits 

Solar thermal filling and testing kits are designed to be used during the installation or testing process of a solar thermal heating system.  

When installing a solar thermal system, the testing kit indicates to the installer the best orientation for the solar panels to ensure maximum solar energy collection and checks that the right antifreeze level is present in the thermal fluid.  

During maintenance checks of the solar thermal heating system, the solar testing kit can be used to check on the performance of the system and on the condition of the thermal fluid as, in time, degradation occurs and it will need replacing. If your solar thermal system requires a change of thermal fluid, we recommend having a look at our range of thermal fluids here. 

Helping you find the filling & testing equipment for solar thermal heating systems you need 

Solar thermal testing kits are a must for anyone installing a solar thermal system or carrying out maintenance work on one. Most solar thermal testing kits include a compass, a radiator key, pH papers, an infrared thermometer, a refractometer, a dropper and a sample bottle.  

Our most popular solar testing equipment is the Sentinel SolarCheck Testing Kit, perfect for installation validation checks and ongoing monitoring. 

All your solar thermal heating systems products in one place 

Here at BES, we’ve made shopping for renewable solar thermal products a breeze. In addition to our fill and test equipment selection, our full range of solar thermal heating products includes controls, circular pumps, pump stations, cylinders, expansion vessels, valves, pipe insulation, pipe & fittings, air vent, system fluid and consumables. 

You can also view our entire range of renewable heating & ventilation products here. 

Why choose BES 

At BES, we have years of experience in the heating, ventilation and renewable energy sectors. And we don’t just help get the parts needed for solar thermal heating systems, we also try to get them for as low a price as possible.  

With an Excellent rating from Reviews.co.uk and with over 15,000 products in stock, you’re guaranteed to get what you need when you need whenever you shop at BES. 

Solar thermal fill & test equipment delivered quickly 

With next-day delivery available on thousands of products, we aim to deliver your testing kit as quickly as possible. 

At BES, our team of experts is available to answer any question about our solar fill and test equipment range or any of our products; just get in touch 

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