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NEW website update

 Back at the start of 2017 BES  launched their new website, Sarah Meredith BES managing director gives us all an update on the significant progress made and what the thinking was behind the revamp

“Our aim was to improve the overall online shopping experience substantially and make sure customers could easily find products and information and purchase them quickly. We spent quite some time researching and understanding our customers’ needs, so rather than the website being a replication of the catalogue it was designed to be more convenient to use with a better mobile experience. Traditionally we always used line drawings for product images, so there was also a shift to add photographic imagery across our range and offer customers the choice to see both which has proven popular.”

Sarah added that the new website has been well received by customers, proven by an increase in sales “After ironing out one or two minor teething problems and re-indexation of our pages in the first two months, we really started to reap the benefits and sales from our website are now significantly higher.”

Sarah went on to say that despite the success of the website, most customers still use our catalogue.

 “The majority of our sales still come from the catalogue so it’s remained a cornerstone for the business. A lot of our customers land on the website via their mobile to do their research and then go back home and order it later either online, by email, over the phone or, believe it or not, by fax too! We know that customers like to use the catalogue because of the large amount of helpful technical information that’s in there as well.”

 Despite the web success to date Sarah was quick to state “BES will never become complacent and so our website will continue to evolve. It is vital that BES will always listen to customer feedback. To help with further improvements I’d welcome any feedback and this can be easily provided via the special web satisfaction e-form below. This will help us further develop and make our site as user friendly and relevant as possible”


Sarah added “The hard work has not stopped since the launch; in fact it is only a new beginning. The new website is something we are hugely proud of and rightly so, however, we all realize that we must continue to develop and fine tune, to match the high standards our customers expect”

The NEW site has many new features including