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Whether you’ve been looking for a very specific black imperial threaded rod, have to stock up on standard steel washers, or need rubber lined clips and tube clamps for housing fittings, get a great deal on steel clips & brackets when you shop at BES.

With fast shipping and free returns, shopping for clips & brackets has never been easier.

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A great range of steel clips & brackets

Our range helps when you’re opting for mild steel, steel, galvanised or zinc-plated steel clips & brackets. BES offer a wide variety of rods, washers etc., to help you on the job. Our range includes:

Penny Washer

Never find yourself at a loss when you need a washer. BES offers washers up to 10mm in handy packs of 10.


You always want to use steel nuts that can handle the job. BES offers cold-forged steel nuts in a variety of sizes.

Perforated Banding

Made so you can cut to length when clamping or fixing, we have galvanised perforated banding in stock. Most options come in a 10m roll.

Rubber Lined Clip

When you want just a little more protection, rubber-lined mild steel zinc plated clips afford you increased chemical resistance. Our range offers adjustable clips from 15mm to 118mm.

Threaded Rod

The right threaded rod can make any job easier, whether that’s a stainless steel rod to protect against corrosion or a zinc plated rod you know you’ll be placing in a humid environment. We offer threaded rods in multiple materials, finishes, sizes & lengths.

Tube Clamp

BES offers tube clamps with a plastic body and top & bottom steel plates. We would also recommend looking at our full range of clips & brackets.

The right pipes & fittings for any job

There is no denying that BES has every pipe fitting, tube, clip, bracket etc., that you’d ever need. Shop our entire range of pipes & fittings to get everything you want for the job to go smoothly. And if you’re working with a gas or heating system, it may also be worth looking at our testing equipment. It includes some great deals on kits.

Get your BES order delivered on time

BES is always clear on delivery times for orders. Most of the products in this section are available for next working day delivery. If you’re ordering to Northern Ireland or the Scottish Highlands, you’ll want to have a look at this table highlighting average delivery times.

If you need steel clips and brackets in a hurry and have a question about delivery windows, contact BES by calling us on 0800801090.

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Threaded Rod - 1m x M10 Zinc Plated Part Number: 9614
£2.80 £2.33
Threaded Rod Imperial - 1m x 1/2" BSP Black Part Number: 9603
£20.53 £17.11
Perforated Banding Galvanised - 12mm x 10m Part Number: 19466
£5.99 £4.99
Threaded Rod - 300mm x M10 Zinc Plated Part Number: 11024
£1.94 £1.62
Nut - 10mm Steel Part Number: 11015
£1.30 £1.08
Tube Clamp - 22mm O.D. - 1/2" BSP Pipe Part Number: 16777
£2.83 £2.36
Threaded Rod - 1m x M10 Black Part Number: 9610
£2.80 £2.33
Tube Clamp - 15mm o.d. 3/8" BSP Pipe Part Number: 16776
£2.64 £2.20
Tube Clamp - 38mm - 35mm o.d. 1" BSP Pipe Part Number: 16779
£4.80 £4.00
Tube Pipe Clamp - 12mm o.d. Steel Part Number: 16775
£2.57 £2.14
Tube Clamp - 28mm o.d. 3/4" BSP Pipe Part Number: 16778
£3.83 £3.19
Tube Clamp - 1" o.d. Steel Part Number: 16782
£3.61 £3.01
Threaded Rod - 1m x M8 Zinc Plated Part Number: 9613
£1.78 £1.48
Perforated Banding Galvanised - 17mm x 10m Part Number: 19467
£8.02 £6.68
Perforated Banding Galvanised - 26mm x 10m Part Number: 19468
£13.99 £11.66
Threaded Rod Imperial - 1m x 1/4" BSP Black Part Number: 9601
£14.30 £11.92

Items 1-30 of 49

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