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Radiator Valve & Tank Connector Tool Kit

Fits: Rad valves (1/2" and 12 mm) internal hexagon with or without lugs. Rad valves 8 mm - 12 mm internal hexagon. 8 mm rad valve extension fittings. Rad valves with external square or hexagonal type fittings. Thermostatic rad valves. Air plugs and bleed pins. 1/2" black iron or plastic plugs. Tank connectors 15, 22, and 28 mm with external or internal lugs. Tank connector with 1/2" internal hexagon. Holds sink and basin wastes whilst fitting. Lockshield rad valves 1/2", 3/4" and 1". Opens gas and electric meter boxes. Multi-rad spanner, cast stainless steel. Quad Key (brass). 1/2" and 12 mm double and 1/2" single hexagon cranked rad valve spanner. 2 x brass air vent (bleed) keys. 2 x sink waste holders.

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Product Specification

Kit Contents Multi-rad Spanner, Cast Stainless Steel. Quad Key (brass). 1/2" And 12 Mm Double And 1/2" Single Hexagon Cranked Rad Valve Spanner. 2 X Brass Air Vent (bleed) Keys. 2 X Sink Waste Holders
Type Valve & Tank Connector Kit

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Radiator Valve & Tank Connector Tool Kit

£48.17 £40.14
£48.17 £40.14
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