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At BES, we stock a huge range of electrical tools and equipment in our plumbing and gas engineer tools collection, including crimpers, pliers, wrenches, meters, screwdrivers, draw tapes and cable rods.

With our range available for next day delivery, get a good deal on electrical tools when shopping at BES.

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Our electrical tools range

Our range of electrical tools includes:

  • Voltage detectors, indicators & testers
  • Wire strippers
  • Diagonal cutters & cable cutters
  • Screwdrivers & screwdriver sets
  • Plier sets, locking pliers, long nose pliers, combi-pliers & multi-pliers
  • Multimeters, including digital multimeters
  • Magnets & magnet indicators
  • Electrical testing kits
  • Fuse finders & fuse pry tools
  • Proving units
  • Socket test adapters
  • Test lamp & proving devices
  • Proving units

Helping you get the perfect electrical tool every time

Our range of electrical tools includes tools from trusted brands such as Stanley, Super Rod, Hilka, Irwin, Kane, Martindale, King Dick, Testo, Kraftform & Testo.

All the electrical tools we have here at BES are of the highest quality possible and can be used by keen DIYs or professionals. For an easy way to find the right electrical tool, use the left menu to filter by type.

Voltage detectors, indicators & testers

Our most popular electrical tools are our voltage detectors, indicators and testers, with the Martindale TEK100 AC voltage detector, Testo 755-2 Current/Voltage tester and the Martindale VIPD138-S Safety Voltage Indicator Kit being used by many professionals in the trade. 

Electrical Testing Kits

We stock kits that never let you down. Our most rated electrical testing kit is the Socket & See Electrical Testing Kit, a digital 4 in 1 digital tester.

Digital Multimeter

The TPI EZ100 Digital Multimeter is our most versatile digital multimeter, able to automatically switch between measuring ranges and features a large 4,000 count display and auto power-off function.

The right electrical tools for the job

At BES, we like to make sure that you will not find a better selection of electrical tools at a better price anywhere else.

With over 15,000 products in stock, our range of tools is guaranteed to never let you down. Aside from our electrical tools collection, our comprehensive tools collection also includes hand tools, power tools, plumbing and heating tools, and many more tools to ensure that you find the right tool whatever the job at hand.

Electrical tools delivered quickly

With all electrical tools in stock and ready to ship for next-day delivery (Monday-Friday), you don’t have to wait too long for the right tool to arrive. In the description of all our products, you can see how much time is left to deliver your electrical tool the following day.

Call the BES team today if you need any tools in a hurry or help finding any electrical tool.

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Starrett 3 Piece Hole Saw Electricians Set Part Number: 25376
£42.91 £35.76
Starrett 6 Piece Hole Saw Electricians Set Part Number: 25375
£58.78 £48.98
Socket & See Electrical Testing Kit Part Number: 24367
£169.84 £141.53
Martindale VIPD138-S Safety Voltage Indicator Kit Part Number: 21354
£180.06 £150.05
Kane-VCT Voltage & Continuity Tester Kit Part Number: 24633
£144.48 £120.40
Martindale Electrical Lockout Kit Part Number: 22303
£86.46 £72.05
Testo 745 Voltage Detector Part Number: 23139
Was £23.98 £19.98 Now £21.59 £17.99

Save £2.39 £1.99 (9%)

Testo 760-1 Multimeter Part Number: 25028
£71.98 £59.98
Hilka VDE Screwdriver & Plier Set - 11 Pieces Part Number: 24372
£45.31 £37.76
Testo 760-2 TRMS Digital Multimeter Part Number: 23136
£119.95 £99.96
Testo 750-1 Voltage Tester Part Number: 25024
£37.18 £30.98
Martindale Classic Check Plug Socket Tester Part Number: 13485
£15.32 £12.77
Testo 760-3 Multimeter Part Number: 25029
£166.78 £138.98
Stanley® Fatmax® Automatic Wire Stripper Part Number: 24311
£21.64 £18.03

Items 1-15 of 68

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