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Radiator Valves
Radiator Valves

Radiator Valves

When it comes to regulating your home's heating, precision is key. That's why at BES, we offer a comprehensive range of radiator valves, including thermostatic and manual options, to help you easily fine-tune your heating system. With leading manufacturers such as Pegler, Honeywell Home, Danfoss, Inta, and Drayton, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our products.

Benefit from competitive pricing as you explore our range of radiator valves. And with free next-day delivery on qualifying orders, getting the products you need promptly couldn’t be easier.

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A Comprehensive Range Of Radiator Valves

Browse our range of radiator valves available in various shapes, styles functions and colours.

Radiator Drain Off Valves

Ensure efficient maintenance and drainage of your heating system with our radiator drain off valve selection. With options including radiator drain off tail pieces and valves in various sizes, you'll find the perfect solution to keep your system running smoothly.

Radiator Valves

Experience precise temperature control and efficient heating with our range of radiator valves. Whether you need angled or straight valves, chrome or brass finishes, we have the perfect solution to suit your heating system requirements.

Lockshield Valves

Take control of your heating system's flow with our range of lockshield valves. From threaded to angled and straight options, our selection includes high-quality valves from trusted brands like Danfoss, Drayton, and Pegler. Whether you need to adjust the flow of water or isolate radiators for maintenance, our lockshield valves offer both precision and convenience.

Push-fit Valves

Experience hassle-free installation with our push-fit valves. Designed for quick and straightforward fitting, our most popular valve is the Pegler Yorkshire Terrier 3 TRV.

Radiator Valve Packs

Streamline your radiator installations with our radiator valve packs. Combining both wheelhead and lockshield valves in one convenient package, these sets ensure consistency and compatibility across your heating system. With options like the Pegler Bulldog GEN2 Wheelhead and Lockshield Pack, you can easily achieve professional results.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Experience intelligent heating control with our range of thermostatic radiator valves. From classic models to Bluetooth-enabled options, our selection includes a variety of sizes and styles to suit your preferences. With trusted brands like Pegler, Danfoss, and Honeywell, you can enjoy precise temperature regulation and energy efficiency throughout your home.

Thermostatic and Lockshield Valve Sets

Optimise your heating system with our thermostatic and lockshield valve sets. Combining both valves in one convenient package, these sets offer complete control over your radiator temperatures and flow rates. With a variety of sizes and finishes available, including chrome, anthracite, and black, you can achieve both functionality and style in your home heating system.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves Wireless Actuator

Upgrade your heating system with our thermostatic radiator valves wireless actuators. These innovative devices allow you to control your radiators wirelessly, providing convenient temperature regulation and energy savings. With easy installation and compatibility with a range of radiator valves, our wireless actuators offer modern heating control solutions for any home.

Thermostatic Sensor Heads

Ensure precise temperature regulation with our thermostatic sensor heads. Designed to measure room temperature and adjust radiator settings accordingly accurately, these sensor heads provide efficient heating control and comfort. With options like the Danfoss Aero® and Aveo® sensor heads, you can trust in reliable performance and compatibility with your existing heating system.

Towel Warmer Valves

Enhance your bathroom heating with our towel warmer valves. Designed specifically for towel radiators, these valves provide both style and functionality while adding a touch of luxury to any bathroom space.

Valve Bodies

Our selection of valve bodies is designed to ensure reliable performance. Crafted from high-quality materials and built to withstand the rigours of daily use, these valve bodies provide durability and longevity for your heating system. With options available in various sizes and thread types, you can find the perfect fit for your installation needs.

Radiator Valve Caps

Keep your radiator valves protected and secure with our valve caps. Designed to prevent dust and debris from entering the valve mechanism, these caps help maintain optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your valves. Check out our popular pack of 10 universal radiator valve caps.

Radiator Valve Elbows

Achieve flexible connections with high-quality valve elbows. Designed to provide a secure and leak-free connection between pipes and valves, these elbows offer convenience and ease of installation. With options available in various sizes and push-fit designs, you can customise your installation to suit your specific requirements.

Valve Levers

Experience smooth operation and effortless control with our valve levers. Designed for easy adjustment of radiator valves, these levers provide ergonomic handling and precision control. Whether you're opening or closing valves, our levers ensure smooth and reliable operation for optimal heating performance.

Release Tools

Make radiator maintenance a breeze with our selection of release tools. These tools are designed for specific valve types and ensure safe and efficient removal when needed.

Self Seal Tailpiece

Achieve a secure seal with our self-sealing radiator tailpieces. Designed for easy installation and reliable performance, these tailpieces ensure a leak-free connection, providing peace of mind and confidence in your heating system.

Unrivalled experience & top-rated customer reviews

At BES, our unparalleled expertise meets the glowing endorsements of our satisfied customers. Boasting an Excellent rating on reviews.co.uk, our commitment to excellence shines through in every interaction as we strive to provide swift and seamless solutions for all your radiator valve needs.

We recommend browsing our Valve selection before checking out, we stock a wide range of water pump valves, check valves, bypass valves and vent valves.

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Are you having difficulty finding the right radiator valve? With our extensive industry knowledge and vast network of suppliers, there’s a good chance we can help. Just get in touch and we’ll do our best to source it.

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