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Pipe & Fittings
Pipe & Fittings

Pipe & Fittings

Flexible insulated stainless steel tubing, twin solar hoses, compression fittings, tees and many more are included in our range of pipes, tubes and fittings for solar heated hot water systems.  

Browse our range of pipes and fittings for solar heating systems below and find great deals when shopping with us. And with fast shipping and free returns, shopping with BES for pipes and fittings has never been easier. 

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A great selection of pipes, tubes and fittings for solar heated hot water systems 

Like in any other heating system, in a solar heating system, water circulates through pipes and tubes that need to be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures while also being resistant to corrosion and degradation. Our range of solar tubes and fittings used to connect them to the rest of the systems’ components includes the following: 

Insulated Flexible Steel Pipes for Solar Heating Systems 

Suitable for residential and commercial solar heated hot water systems, our range of insulated flexible steel tubing is made from corrugated stainless steel and comes in 30m long rolls. 

Twin Flex Insulated and Pre-insulated Solar Pipes/Hoses 

BES stocks a wide range of top-quality twin flex insulated solar pipes from Solarquip and pre-insulated stainless steel pipes suitable for solar heating systems, available in various lengths, diameters, and sizes. Stainless steel and Stainless steel 316L options are available to suit specific applications. 

Compression Fittings for Solar Heating Systems 

Solar pipe couplers, elbows and connectors are among the most popular solar heating system compression fittings we have here at BES.  

Solar Pipe Tees 

Suitable for use with pipes in solar heating systems, the most popular solar pipe tee coupler available in the range is the Solar Pipe Tee Coupler ¾” for DN16 Pipes. 

Solar Pipe Flashing For Roofs 

Solar pipe lead or aluminium flashing for slate and tiles roofs with flexible black rubber cones suitable for pipe diameters of 5 to 50 mm are available in this selection.  

Solar Pipe Nuts 

BES stocks a wide range of solar pipe brass nuts for DN16 pipe fittings used for connecting solar pipe, with the most popular solar nut being the Solar Pipe Brass Nut ¾” F.  

Gaskets/Seals for Solar Pipe Fittings 

Suitable for DN16 fittings and available in bags of 10, our gaskets/seals are made from fibre HT.  

Hammer Tools for Solar Heating Systems 

Also known as flanging tools, solar hammer tools are used to flatten the end of the stainless steel solar hose. We recommend having a look at the Solarquip Slide Hammer & Vice, as it is the most popular hammer tool we have in the range.  

Flanging Tools for Solar Heating Systems 

Unlike hammer tools, the flanging tools in this range do not rely on hammering to form the flange. 

Every solar thermal pipe, tube and fitting to complete the installation 

At BES, we’ve worked hard to ensure we have pipes, tubes and fittings for solar thermal heating systems in stock. 

In addition to high-quality pipes, tubes and fittings, our full range of solar thermal heating products includes controls, circular pumps, pump stations, cylinders, expansion vessels, valves, pipe insulation, fill & test, air vent, system fluid and consumables. 

You can also view our entire range of renewable heating & ventilation products here. 

Why choose BES 

Experience is everything to us - we’ve been a trusted partner to those in the trade for over four decades. And with over 15,000 products in stock, and years of experience in the heating, ventilation and renewable energy sectors, you’re guaranteed to get what you need whenever you shop at BES.   

Solar pipes, tubes and fittings delivered in a hurry 

With free delivery on qualifying mainland UK orders, BES aims to get your pipes, tubes & fittings shipped directly in no time at all. 

Are you looking for specific pipes and fittings for your solar thermal heating system? BES offers expert support, just call us on 08000 801090, and we will gladly help. 

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