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BES supplies next day delivery for a wide range of gas pressure testing equipment. We sell differential pressure meters and gauges, manometers, U tube gauges, water gauges etc., from leading suppliers, including Maester, Omnitron, Anton, Kane, and Hayes.

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Helping you find the right gas pressure test equipment

Looking for testing equipment? Our range includes everything from carbon monoxide detectors to water gauges. Knowing which equipment you need is important, and our range includes:

Gas manometers

We stock single and dual input manometers, along with 0 to 100 mbar high-performance digital manometers that work very well when checking HVAC systems.

Standard Pressure Gauge

A reliable gauge that never lets you down, having a dependable standard pressure gauge is important. We offer BSP connection gauges, including rear entry models.

Pressure Meter

We stock differential pressure meters for all systems, including meters specifically made for low and high testing. Most are supplied with tubing and a pouch.

Test Tee

A convenient thing to have at hand when working with Natural Gas & LPG systems.

Water U Gauge

Another indispensable piece of equipment to have when carrying out gas pressure testing. Many are made of high impact PVC, so they can take a few knocks over time.

If you need a specific piece of equipment, the left side menu can filter down options for you.

Pressure gauges for exterior use

Working with an external system that requires you to check on pressure? You might want to opt for stainless steel gas pressure gauges. We have 63mm and 6" Dials in stock.

Keeping gas systems safe

Never find yourself in a position where you could have problems testing gas equipment. If you're frequently doing pressure checks on systems, it also helps to have natural gas and LPG safety testing kits at hand, including whole kits.

Keeping information handy while testing

Some products within the range can make logging test information easier than ever. The likes of the Anton APM 155 Differential Pressure Meter not only work effortlessly on systems up to 2 bar, but it also allows you to transfer reading wirelessly to an app to log information & it has an infrared port for data printing.

Quick delivery on over 15,000 products

BES makes getting gas pressure testing equipment quick and convenient. We provide fast delivery on orders, with qualifying orders getting delivery for free (more information available here).

If you have any questions about our products or need help sourcing test equipment, please call us on 0800801090. Lines are open from 7 am Monday to Friday.

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Testo 510 Digital Manometer Part Number: 18320
£134.95 £112.46
Kane 3200 Differential Pressure Meter Part Number: 20713
£135.46 £112.88
High S.G. U Gauge Manometer - 48" (120 mbar) Part Number: 9364
£107.90 £89.92
Pressure Gauge - 0 to 100 mbar, 63mm Dial Part Number: 8837
£54.65 £45.54
Anton APM 135 Differential Pressure Meter Part Number: 24139
£136.09 £113.41
U Gauge Manometer - 24" (60 mbar) Part Number: 6905
£25.06 £20.88
TPI 608 Single Input Manometer Part Number: 22253
£90.00 £75.00
U Gauge Manometer - 12" (30 mbar) Part Number: 6904
£17.02 £14.18
Hayes DT8890A Differential Pressure Meter Part Number: 21843
£140.56 £117.13
Hand Bellows with Tap Part Number: 9403
£19.30 £16.08
Anton APM 155 Differential Pressure Meter Part Number: 24141
£248.35 £206.96
Anton APM 145 Differential Pressure Meter Part Number: 24140
£210.94 £175.78

Items 1-15 of 39

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