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Solvent Weld
Solvent Weld

Solvent Weld

Make BES your one-stop shop for every type of solvent weld pipe and fitting you could need. We stock a wide range of solvent weld in different materials, such as ABS, PVC, MuPVC, plastic and polypropylene, along with solvent cement.

Shop now, great a deal on solvent weld pipes and fittings, and see if your order qualifies for free next working day delivery.

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Helping you find the solvent weld products you need

Solvent weld pipes and fittings help join waste pipes to the floor, ceiling or wall using the solvent weld method. To help create a secure waste system, our solvent weld range includes:

  • Waste pipes
  • Overflow pipes
  • Pipe adaptors
  • Tees
  • Tank connectors
  • Threaded and straight coupling
  • Straight adaptors and connectors
  • Wall seals
  • 45° Junction
  • Adaptors & Male Iron Adapters
  • Bends
  • Solvent Cement
  • Expansion Coupling
  • Reducers
  • Plastic pipe cutters

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The right solvent weld pipes and fittings

If you’re doing DIY work at home and ordering solvent weld pipes and fittings for yourself, you might be wondering what material to opt for.

Solvent weld PVC and ABS pipes are perfect for solvent welding, while solvent weld fittings made from polypropylene won’t break down when exposed to solvents.

If you’re not 100% sure, we recommend getting in touch by calling the number above or talking with a professional to avoid any mistakes.

Knowing which solvent weld brand to buy

Most of our solvent weld range comprises of high-quality unbranded products, although that doesn’t mean there are brands that we think make amazing solvent weld products. Notable mentions would include Cura, who manufacture fantastic solvent cement for ABS and PVCu MuPVC pipes, Black Swan, who manufacture solvent cement for PVC pipes and Rothenberger, who manufacture high-quality pipe cutters.

A good deal on solvent cement

Some of our best-selling solvent cements include:

And for those working in a pinch, the 140ml Polypipe tube for PVC only is great to have handy.

Helping you secure plumbing supplies

BES has everything any plumber would need to have at hand to create a secure waste system. Our waste water pipes and fittings range includes push-fit waste connections and universal compression choices too.

Fast & FREE Delivery

With the option to quick shop over 15,000 products currently in stock and free delivery on qualifying orders, BES wants to make it as hassle-free as possible to help you get the solvent weld pipe and fittings you need in a hurry.

If you need help finding solvent weld, or any plumbing supplies, call BES right now to see how we can help. Give our team a call on 0800801090.

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